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Người gửi: DUCLE ELT
Ngày gửi: 14h:13' 01-11-2016
Dung lượng: 41.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 2031
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Bích)

Student’s name: ……………………… class: …………. The sencond 45-minute Test
Subject: English 10
Câu 1: By the time he arrived, I ___________ all books.
A. have sold B. had sell C. had sold D. has sold
Câu 2: The passion _____________ taking photographs has helped them escape their sorrow.
A. about B. on C. for D. with
Câu 3: He would like ___________ swimming this afternoon.
A. to go B. going C. to going D. goes
Câu 4: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest
A. addition B. visitor C. realize D. organize
Câu 5: A new hospital for children ___________ in our city since 1989.
A. was built B. have been built C. were built D. has been built
Câu 6: New-born babies must be kept ___________.
A. warmth B. warmly C. warm D. warming

Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng (A hoặc B, C, D) cho mỗi câu từ 7 đến 11
Most Americans look forward to their vacation. Most American employees recieve an annual vacation with pay, and it is traditional to use this time off for travel.
Travelling within the United States is very popular because foreign travel generally takes more time and money. Every year about thirteen million people travel abroad. The most popular periods are during the summer and the two-week school break on Chirstmas and New Year holidays. These periods are also the most crowded and the most expensive time to travel, so people who can adjust their schedules sometimes choose to travel in the autumn.
American tourists often travel by car. Most families own a car, and those who do not have a car can rent one. Cars are usually the most economical way to travel, especially for families. It is also fairly fast and convenient. Exellent highway with motels and restaurants nearby connect the nation’s major cities. They enable tourists to travel at a speed of 55 to 66 miles an hour. Tourits that want to travel faster often fly to their destination and then rent a car when they get there.
Câu 7: According to the writer ___________.
A. Americans do not like travel B. it is impossible to have a day-off in the USA.
C. Americans have no vacations. D. most Americans are fond of travelling.
Câu 8: In the USA, to obtain a passport is ___________.
A. impossible B. easy C. difficult D. time-consuming
Câu 9: There are many people travelling ___________.
A. in the winter. B. on Christmas and New Year.
C. on Thanksgiving. D. on Womenn’s Day.
Câu 10: ___________ are the most popular means of transport in the USA.
A. Planes B. Buses C. Cars D. Ships
Câu 11: In the USA, ___________.
A. there are not any highways.
B. the high ways are not in good condition.
C. along the highways there are motels and restaurants available for tourists.
D. tourists cannot rent a car.
Câu 12: While he ___________, he had a very wonderful idea for the new project.
A. was driving B. drives C. drove D. is driving
Câu 13: I have trouble ___________ mistakes in English sentences.
A. recognizing B. to recognize C. recognition D. recognizes
Câu 14: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest
A. develop B. organize C. determine D. exhibit
Câu 15: Betty is not as intelligent as any child who is at the same age. She has some perceiving troubles. She is ___________.
A. mentally retarded B. lisp C. dump D. deaf
Câu 16: She was born and grown up in a picturesque finishing village in Ha Long Bay.
A. wealthy B. poor C. dangerous D. pretty
Câu 17: Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest
A. umbrella B. church C. understand D. study
Câu 18: She is optimistic. She never complains ___________ her difficulty.
A. on B. for C. with D. about
Câu 19: A teacher is a person ___________ gives lessons to students.
A. who B. whom C. which D. whose
Câu 20: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest
A. money B. instead C. mental D. letter
Câu 21: Sheila couldn’t come to the partty, ___________was a pity.
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