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I. Read the following sentences aloud, and mark (u) the consonant sounds that link with the vowel sounds.
1. All of us are spending lots of time in front of screens.
2. Be sure to pay your rent and bills on time.
3. It is a good idea to be aware of your weaknesses.
4. What are skills of an independent learner?
5. These are modes of transportation an independent teen should know.
6. Parents want to give a teen all of the tools he needs to be successful.
7. If a teen possesses all of the life skills, he will succeed in the world.
8. I think you have a lot of life skills in order to live independently.
II. Read aloud the paragraph below, and link (‿) the final consonants and initial vowels.
The final aim of any parent is to bring up an independent, responsible child. This may seem obvious, but most of us know it takes real focus on it. Kids often become ready for the world when they turn eighteen. They need to practise a lot in order to behave independently. It means all of them should increase their ability to make decisions on their own. Sometimes parents allow children to make inappropriate options, and then kids ought to move on.

I. Fill in each blank with, the correct word from the box.

1. I actively look for ways to improve the _________________ of my work, and the way that I approach tasks.
2. I can maintain _________________ on one task for a significant period of time.
3. I spend lots of time looking for _________________ or documents, or locating missing items.
4. I use the talents, time, and expertise of other people in my _________________ to help get the work done.
5. I actively look for ways to avoid wasting time and _________________ - both for myself and for my team.
6. I use _________________ like skimming and note taking to identify the key points from the documents that I receive.
7. I have a clear _________________ for dealing with disruptions and interruptions.
8. I delay difficult or unpleasant tasks until the last minute - or until the _________________ disappears on its own.
9. I use a formal tracking _________________ to understand how I spend my time.
10. I do all of the tasks that are assigned to me, and hope that I can keep up with the volume of _________________.
II. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
1. The good _________________ habits that a teen should have are to take care of any injuries as they happen and until they are healed, and wear clean clothes.
2. As a parent, one of the most important goals is to raise children who will become independent and _________________ in the future.
3. Part of building confidence is learning how to _________________ with all types of situations.
4. Parents want to raise their child to be independent, and to help him make his own _________________.
5. Children should be allowed to argue with parents because this encourages open _________________ and a friendly environment.
6. Some students have busy lives which sometimes conflict with their study plans, and they _________________ from a lack of motivation in study.
III. Combine the sentences, using to-infinitives.
1. I recognize that I could work more effectively with my time log. I was amazed.

2. No one can focus and produce really high-quality work without giving their brains some time to rest and recharge. It is impossible.

3. You should make a list of attainable goals that you can achieve. It is important.

4. Use an electronic calendar to write down the things you need to do, including appointments and deadlines. It is very simple.

5. Don’t read funny emails or check Facebook first. It is neither urgent nor important.

6. You should practise time management in your daily life. It is surprisingly hard.

7. Keep a time log at times of pressure, for example, when revising for examinations. It is very useful.

8. Think that you can work for 8-10 hours straight, especially when you are working to a deadline. It is nice.

IV. Combine the sentences, using “adjective + for somebody + to
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