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Người gửi: Nguyễn Hoàng Huy
Ngày gửi: 08h:19' 15-03-2022
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Time allotted: 45 minutes
(Provide your answer directly in this question paper)
I. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
A. vocational
B. global
C. accuse
D. alternative

A. extinction
B. significant
C. impact
D. electricity

II. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose stress differs from the others.
A. absorb
B. shortage
C. system
D. global

A. deforest
B. endangered
C. renewable
D. habitat

III. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word or phrase that best completes each sentence
5. A(n) _________ training programme offer plenty of opportunity for on-the-job training and work experience.
A. academic
B. vocational
C. graduate
D. exchange

6. Most of the courses are now ________, which brings more flexibility in the programme schedule.
A. credit-basing
B. credit-based
C. career-basing
D. career-based

7. If we keep burning fossil fuels at our current rate, it is generally estimated that all our fossil fuels will ______ by 2060.
A. run out
B. run across
C. cut down
D. cut out

8. I am ______ Doctor of Management degree, while working full-time simultaneously.
A. taking
B. admitting
C. applying
D. pursuing

9. Around one million animal and plant species are now threatened with ______.
A. conservation
B. eradication
C. survival
D. extinction

10. University students should get a(n) ________, even if it`s unpaid because students can have a great experience and a chance to apply knowledge, skill they have accumulated.
A. degree
B. certificate
C. internship
D. academic course

11. She admitted _______ under a great deal of pressure recently due to an upcoming important examination.
A. having been
B. be
C. being
D. to be

12. ______ an error in her application for university admission, she contacted the school panel to have it corrected.
A. Detecting
B. Having detected
C. To detect
D. Detect

13. We _______to energy-saving light bulbs recently to protect the environment.
A. switched
B. have been switched

C. was switching
D. have switched

14. I ______ my house’s filing cabinet for ages to find high school transcript but only a graduate certificate was found.
A. have been found
B. was finding

C. have been finding
D. was being found

15. She denied ________ her profile only for the aim of easier job admission.
A. being falsified
B. falsify
C. to falsify
D. falsifying

IV. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
16. One of the most urgent environmental problems in the world today is the shortage of clean water.
A. abundance
B. adequacy
C. inadequacy
D. richness

17.Curbing consumption can make a signification contribution to the protection of environment.
A. remarkable
B. negligible
C. inconsiderable
D. minor

V. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
18. A quarter of mammals is at risk of extinction, according to IUCN Red List estimates
A. increase
B. disappearance
C. declination
D. shrinkage

19Trees are especially good at absorbing carbon removed from the atmosphere.
A. capturing
B. taking in
C. getting off
D. getting on

VI. Mark the letter a b c or d to indicate the correct answer to each of the following exchanges.
20. Tim and Jefferson are having exchange about possible ways to protect the environment
Tim: “Can we really reduce the carbon footprint at our home?”
Jefferson: “______________”.
A. Why not? By switching to energy-efficient electrical appliances.

B. It is also called greenhouse gas.
C. I certainly agree with you
D. Let’s start by looking at statistics about the level of carbon emission.

21.John is asking his friend for what he can do to prepare for his application to a university abroad.
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