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Part I: Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D.
Our holiday was_________ by the weather.
A. spoilt B. damaged C. overcome D. wasted
The_________ charged by the architect for the plans of the new building were unusually high.
A. hire B. price C. fees D. sum
He_________ his son of the dangers of driving too fast in his new car
A. warned B. remembered C. threatened D. concerned
The child was_________ by a lorry on the safety crossing in the main street.
A. knocked out B. run across
C. run out D. knocked down
When Ali arrived in London he spent all his time_________ and visited all the important museums and buildings.
A. sight-seeing B. traveling C. looking D. touring
If you want a cheap air ticket you must_________ well in advance.
A. book B. engage C. reserve D. buy
His sister was full of_________ for the way in which he had so quickly learned to drive a car.
A. pride B. admiration C. surprise D. jealousy
He asked if we would_________ to share the room.
A. accept B. consider C. agree D. approve
I wondered whether you would like to_________ to the theater tomorrow.
A. visit B. go away C. go out D. walk out
_________ I would like to say how pleased I am to be here.
A. Primarily B. Foremost C. Earliest D. First
The independent arbitrator managed to_________ the confrontation between the union and the employers.
A. refuse B. confuse C. refute D. defuse
When I heard the footsteps behind me I was_________ that I would be attacked.
A. horrified B. terror-struck C. terrorized D. terrified
His illness made him_________ of concentration.
A. incompetent B. unable C. incapable D. powerless
Has the committee_________ a decision yet?
A. done B. made C. arrived D. voted
I am a bit hungry. I think_____________ something to eat.
A. I’ll have B. I’ll be having C. I’m going to have D. I’m having
What do you plan to do when you_____________ your course at college?
A. finish B. will finish
C. have finished D. is going to finish
Where_____________? Which hairdresser did you go to?
A. did you cut your hair B. have you cut your hair
C. did you have cut your hair D. did you have your hair cut
‘Shall I stay here?’ ~ ‘I’d rather_____________ with us’.
A. you come B. you to come C. you would come D. you came
I_____________ saying what I think.
A. believe B. believe in C. believe for D. believe when
Somebody ran in front of the car as I was driving. Fortunately I_____________ just in time.
A. could stop B. could have stopped
C. managed to stop D. must be able to stop
Part II: Read the following passage and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.Fill each numbered blank with one suitable word from the list given below.
The shark is a meat- eating fish and one of the most feared animals of the sea. Scientists (1)………… about 250 species of fish as sharks. These fish live in oceans (2)………..the world, but they are most common in warm seas.
Sharks (3)………….greatly in size and habits. Whale sharks, the largest kind of shark, may grow 60 feet long. A whale shark weighs up to 15 tons, more than twice (4)…………….much as an African elephant. The smallest shark may (5)…………..only 4 inches long and weigh less than 1 ounce. Some kinds of sharks live in the depths of the ocean, but (6)……………are found near the surface. Some species live in coastal waters, but others (7)……………far out at sea. A few species can even live in (8)…………..water.
All sharks are carnivores (meat- eaters). Most of them eat (9)…………
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