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Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 1: There’s a lot more to Willie than one would think: still waters run _______.
deep B. deeply C. deepness D. depth
Question 2: The idea ______ to nothing because I couldn’t afford to do it.
went B. came C. turned D. changed
Question 3: The players’ protests _______ no difference to the referee’s decision at all.
did B. made C. caused D. created
Question 4: Peter, Harry and Chuck were first, second, and third ______ in the school cross-country race.
respectively B. actively C. responsively D. tremendously
Question 5: By using all the latest technology, the yachtsman managed to cross the Atlantic in ______ time.
record B. lightning C. top D. quickest
Question 6: Why ____ Peter to the party? He is always making trouble.
don’t we invite B. don’t you invite C. not invite D. invite
Question 7: The speaker failed to get his message ______ to his audience.
around B. in C. across D. out
Question 8: You are under no obligation ______ to accept this offer.
A. whatsoever B. eventually C. apart D. indeed
Question 9: ______ no money would be wasted, we will use energy more efficiently.
So that B. In order that C In order to D. A and B
Question 10: Interpreting is not a mechanical process of converting a sentence in language A into a sentence in language B. _______, it is a complex art.
But B. In addition C. Rather D. However
Question 11: You can always _______ Ann to give you sound advice.
bank of B. bank for C. bank at D. bank on
Question 12: His emotional problems _______from the attitudes he encountered as a child, I think.
stem B. flourish C. root D. sprout
Question 13:There should be an international law encouraging_______ .
afforestation B. deforestation C. forestry D. reforestation
Question 14: I’m not keen on _____ control of the project to a relatively newcomer.
undertaking B. charging C. entrusting D. allotting
Question 15: Unfortunately, the company closed down because it couldn’t keep _______ with rapidly changing technology.
A. speed B. time C. fast D. pace
Question 16: He is not under arrest, nor have the police placed any _______ on his movements.
A. obstacle B. veto C. restriction D. regulation
Question 17: He was very taken ______ by her aggressive attitude.
A. about B. aside C. apart D. aback
Question 18: Most crimes that are committed are no more than ______ theft.
A. slight B. small C. unimportant D. petty
Question 19: John was asked to _______ before the judge.
wit B. testify C. execute D. prejudice
Question 20: She is extremely competent and _______ .
A. industrial B. industrious C. industry D. industrialized

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from number 21 to 25.

Let children learn to judge their own work. A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time: if corrected too much, he will stop talking. He notices a thousand times a day the difference between the language he uses and the language those around him use. Bit by bit, he makes the necessary changes to make his language like other people’s. In the same way they learn all the other things they learn to do without being taught – to talk, run, climb, whistle, ride a bicycle – compare their own performances with those of more skilled people, and slowly make the needed changes. But in school we never give a child a chance to find out his mistakes for himself, let alone correct them. We do it all for him. We act as if we thought that he would never notice a mistake unless it was pointed out to him, or correct it unless he was made to. Soon he becomes dependent on the teacher. Let
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