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Ngày gửi: 11h:51' 09-05-2022
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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others .
1. A. star B. father C. camera D. garden
2. A. fast B. class C. answer D. apple
3. A. check B. recycle C. reuse D. environment
4. A. cave B. famous C. late D. channel
5. A. hear B. near C. fear D. pear
6. A. gather B. monthly C. father D. brother
7. A. favorite B. slight C. fine D. high
8. A. started B. worked C. waited D. wanted
9. A. needed B. liked C. washed D. hoped
10. A. rulers B. pencils C. books D. bags
II. Find the word that has different stress pattern in each line.
1. A. planet            B. machine             C. houseboat      D. solar
2. A. symbol            B. channel            C. water          D. repair
3. A. wireless          B. exchange          C. pollute          D. reduce
4. A broken              B robot.                C. station      D. career 
5. A. popular B. awful C. entertain D. stupid
6. A. clumsy B. educational C. entertaining D. documentary
III. Choose A, B, C for each gap in the following sentence.
1. ______ is the longest river in Viet Nam, Mekong River or Dong Nai River?
A. Where                B. Which                C. How              D. Who
2. If we cut down more forests. there ______ more floods.
A.are                      B. were                  C. have been            D. will be
3. Here is their son`s telephone number; I don`t have _______
A.their                    B. theirs                  C. they                    D. them
4. A robot can do _______  different things from looking after a baby to building a house.
A. much                B. many                  C. few                 D. little 
5. The three Rs______ for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
A.stand                B. sit                C. make            D. explain
6. I like this gym. _____ equipment here is new and cool. 
A. an                    B. a                  C. the                  D. O
7. In the future, robots humans ______ behave like humans.
A.should              B. must            C. need              D. might 
8. Walking to school will help ……………… air pollution.
A. reduce B. reuse C. recycle D. refill
9. My father first ……………… Da Lat in 2010.
A. visited B. went C. go D. been
10. If the weather ……………… good, I ………………. camping with classmates.
A. is / will go B. is / go C. will be / go D. will be / will go
11.The people here are ______________
A. friendly B. delicious C. polluted D. long
12.He likes playing table tennis, ______________he can’t play it.
A. and B. but C. so D. or
13.______________walk in the rain. It’s not good for your health.
A. Won’t B. Can’t C. Don’t D. Mustn’t
14.I think “Tom and Jerry is the best ______________
A. film B. sport C. newsreel D. cartoon
15.In the future, we won’t go on holiday to the beach but we _____go on holiday to the moon.
A. must B. can’t C. might D. won’t
16._____________the air is cleaner; people will have less breathing problems.
A. Unless B. When C. If D. Because
17.They couldn’t go on a picnic ______________the weather was bad.
A. because B. when C. but D. or
18.My house is ______________to the supermarket.
A. to the left B. behind
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