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Tiếng Anh 6 . Review unit 1 2 3 Lớp 6 i learn smart

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I. Fill in the blanks using the words in the box. 
village; garage; city; pool; gym;
1. My sister goes to the _______ three times a week.
2. We asked for a hotel room with a ________.
3. Did Jimmy park the car in the ______?
4. A ______ is in the countryside and usually has a few houses.
5. A _________ has many big buildings, schools, parks and hospitals.
II. Read the sentences and choose the correct answers.
1. My mother often has breakfast/ dinner in the morning.
2. We are out of rice. I need to do the shopping/ dishes.
3. Jenny washes the clothes/ does the dishes after taking a bath.
4. Let’s clean the bathroom/ eat breakfast. I`m hungry.
5. Does your apartment have a balcony/ garage?
III. Find the mistake in each sentence. Then fix it.
1. She often get up early to catch the bus to go to work.
2. Nam teach students in an international secondary school.
3. He don’t own a house. He still has to rent one to live.
4. Nguyen Cong Phuong am a famous football player in Vietnam.
5. What does you do?
IV. Read the paragraph and answer the questions. 
Can Tho is a city in the south of Vietnam. It is in the Mekong Delta, on the Hau River. Many people live in Can Tho. It is a big city. Lots of people visit it to see its floating markets and beautiful rivers. The weather is hot and sunny. It is very good for growing food. Farmers grow rice, vegetables, and different fruits. It is an important center for business and transportation.
1. Where is Can Tho?
2. What is it famous for?
3. What`s the weather like?
4. What do the farmers grow?
5. Is Can Tho a big city?
I. Read and match. 

1. P.E
a. Tiếng Anh

2. Music
b. Sinh học

3. English
c. Thể dục

4. Physics
d. Vật lý

5. Biology
e. Âm nhạc

II. Choose the correct answer. 
1. My favorite subject is English. What`s (mine / yours), Lisa?
2. I found a pencil. Is it Lien`s? - No, it is (mine/ me)
3. This book isn`t (my/ mine) book.
4. I saw a blue cap on the table. Is it (your/ you)?
5. What`s (your/ yours) favorite tea? Mine is matcha.
6. Do (you/ your) have an eraser?
III. Read and answer the question. 
We have lots of fun clubs at our school. If you like outdoor activities, the Basketball Club meets at 3 p.m. Every Monday, with the Football Club at the same time on Wednesdays. For indoor activities, the Dance Club starts next Tuesday. It is popular so please sign up on the noticeboard. The Drama Club welcomes anyone who likes acting. On Fridays, Our Arts and Crafts Club is for people who like making things. The cost is $10 per term for materials.
1. Which club is on Wednesdays?
2. Which club wants you to sign up on the noticeboard?
3. Which club needs money?
4. When does the Dance club start?
5. Does Drama club welcome anyone who likes reading?
I. Read and match. 

1. Have
a. a birthday cake

2. Go
b. TV

3. Make
c. a birthday party

4. Play
d. swimming

5. Watch
e. badminton

II. Read and answer the questions. 
One of my favorite stories is from Vietnam. It`s about two sisters, Tấm and Cám. The two sisters are very different. Tấm works hard every day helping to cook and clean the house. She always thinks about other people and tries to help her family. Cám is very different to Tấm. She never does any chores and she doesn`t share anything. Cám does lots of bad things to Tấm. It`s not a nice story, but in the end, Tấm`s life is very good. I like this story because after such a hard life she is happy.
1. What is Tam like?
2. What is Cam like?
3. Is Tam the same as Cam?
4. Does Cam do everything?
5. Does Tam have a good life in the end?
III. Reorder the words to make complete sentences. 
1. has/ hair
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