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Nguồn: suu tam
Người gửi: Lý Nguyễn Linh Thoại
Ngày gửi: 21h:25' 18-12-2020
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Số lượt tải: 435
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Võ phạm xuân thanh)
Full name:……………………………..
Listen and fill in the blank to complete the sentence:(1pt)
Susie Brewer is in grade ___________
Her favourite teacher teaches her ____________
Susie studies Vietnamese for __________hours a week.
Today Susie isn’t wearing ___________.
Listen and choose True or False:(1pt)
Nick’s parents are staying in the Bear Room. ______
There is a fireplace in the room. ______
There’s a big bed next to the shelf. ______
The room is comfortable. ______

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form:(1pt)
Shh! The students (do) _________________ their test in the classroom.
We (walk) _____________ to school every day, we ____________( not go) by bicycle.
There (be)_________ a sofa in front of the window.
Every day, he (have)__________breakfast at 6 o’clock.
Match the questions in column A with the answers in column B:(1pt)

1. Where are you going?
a. –Yes, very much. It’s comfortable.

2. Where does she live?
b. To my friend’s house

3. Are there many rooms in her house?
c. About six rooms

4. Does she like her bedroom?
d. 28 Regent Street

I. Fill in the blank with one suitable word: (1pt)

The name of my school is Ly Thuong Kiet Secondary School. It’s a (1)_____________ school. There are about two thousand (2)____________ and more than eighty five teachers in my school. They (3)___________ very hard, so we can understand the lessons very well.
My school’s (4)_______________ is very big. You can see many kinds of books in it. We also have a very large and clean ________________, and students can play games during their break time there.
My school is big, beautiful and has a lot of trees. I love my school very much.
II. Read the passage and do as directed:
This is Mary. She is thirteen years old. She lives with her father and her mother in the country. Her house is very small. Every day, she gets up at six o’clock. She brushes her teeth, washes her face and has breakfast with her parents. Then she goes to school at seven o’clock. She walks to school because it’s near her house. Her school is small, but it is very nice. There are only five classrooms in her school. Her class is very small, too. There are only fifteen students in her class. In front of her class there is a small garden with colourful flowers. She loves her school and her classmates because they are lovely and helpful.

1.Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences: :(1pt)
She lives in a/an ___________ A. flat B. stilt house C. villa D. house
She has breakfast at ________ A. home B. school C. café D. canteen
Her school has only ______ classrooms. A. 13 B. 10 C. 15 D. 7
Her school is ________ A. big B. small C. nice D. B and C are correct
2. Choose True or False statements: :(1pt
a. Mary doesn’t live in the country. ________
b. Her school isn’t far from her house. ________
c. There is a vegetable garden in front of her class. ________
d. Her school is not big but nice. ________
I. Rewrite the sentences as directed in brackets: :(2pt)
1. The notebook is on the book. (use “under”)
2. I don’t have a bookshelf in my living room. (use “there”)
3. These people/ usually / have a walk/ 5 a.m (complete the sentence)
4. Quang/ watch TV/ the living room/ now (complete the sentence)
II. Make the sentences using the words and phrases given: :(1pt)
I / live/ apartment/ Trung Vuong Street.
There/ six rooms/ my house.
I/ like/ living room best/ because/ it/ bright/ modern
There/ air-conditioner/ television/ sofa/ the middle of
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