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Người gửi: Phạm Châu Anh
Ngày gửi: 22h:29' 11-04-2021
Dung lượng: 31.1 KB
Số lượt tải: 552
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Võ Thị Kim Chung)
Bài tập đội tuyển HSG khối 7 ĐỀ THI MÔN: TIẾNG ANH
Choose the word whose underline part is pronounced differently from that of the other
A. change B. hungry C. stronger D. single
A. intention B. material C. mature D. intensity
A. rises B. houses C. raises D. promises
A. hand B. bank C. sand D. band
A. battle B. magic C. nag D. dismayed
Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences.
Is normally used to refer to the treatment and training of the child within the home.
Feeding B. Mothering C. upbringing D. Educating
Several important methods were for preservingfood in the nineteenth century
Seen B. covered C. prepared D. invented
A man is walking toward me. man is carrying parcel
A/the B. the /a C. 0/the D. the/0
A few years after you buy it, a house is usually much more than it originally costs you
Expensive B. worth C. worthy D. valueless
I will do anything but the dishes
Wash B. washed C. washing D. will wash
I am so tired that I can’t make what you are saying.
Up B. in C. out D. on
I remember the letter some time ago but I can’t remember exactly when.
To post B. posted C. posting D. post
They warned us to the seaside in that month.
To not go B. not to go C. not to going D. not go
‘I really like your new shoes ’-“And they cost less than ’
Expect B. was expected C. had expected D. am expecting
Those kids are always trouble
Looking up to B. getting into C. finding about D. putting with
It is essential that he that contract
Refuse B. refuses C. refusing D. is refusing
Either of their buses past the university
Go B. goes C. have gone D. going
The flight’s delay, they did not attend the conference.
Because B. Although C. Because of D. as
It that many people are homeless after the floods
Were reported B. reports C. is reported D. reporting
This shirt is much prettier, but it costs the other one.
So much as B. as many as C. twice as much as D. twice as many
Don’t worry about her
Compliment B. complicationC.complicationD. complaint
Please forgive me. I didn’t want you
To upset B. upsetting C. to be upset D. being upset
Vitamin C by the human body, it get into the blood stream quickly
Absorbs easily B. is easily absorbed
Is being absorbed easily D. absorbed easily
What would you like to eat for lunch? – I don’t mind
Nothing B. something C. everything D. anything
3/4 means
Third quarters B. three quarters C. three fourth D. third fourth
Give the correct form of the words in the capital letters
Yours chance of success can be greatly increased if you follow a few simple rules in your working life. First of all, remember that your (1) …………wants you to do well- that’s what you are being paid for. Many companies choose (2)…………..young people to work for them and provide a lot of (3) …………..for their worker. Working for a large, international company may provide job (4)…………. On the other hand, a smaller company might give you the chance to use your (5) ………….more.
Secondly, remember that any experience you gain will always (6)…………..your position in the company. The company wants (7) ……..that you want to get to the top. Take any opportunity you get to go on (8) …………courses related to your work. The more (9)…… are , the better chance you have of being promoted. Finally, don’t give up, even when you are (10)……… . Stick with it and you’ll get there in the end

The passage below contains 10 errors. UNDERLINE and CORRECT them.
After an absence in thirty years, I decided visiting my old school again. I had expected to find changes, but no a completely different building. As I walked up the school ground, I wondered for a moment if I had come at the right address.
The grimy, red brick fortress with their tall windows that had looked up grimly on the playground and playing fields had swept away. In its place stood a bright, modern block risen from the playground on great concrete stilts. A huge expanse of grass extending across the face of the building, and in front, there was a well-kept lawn where previous there had been untidy gravel yard
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