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Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. pretty B. everything C. rest D. send
A. watched B. helped C. laughed D. wanted
A. teach B. please C. easy D. pleasure
Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.
We enjoy ___________________ “Tom and Jerry” films in the evenings.
A. watching B. watched C. watch D. to watch
Where _________they ___________their summer vacation next year ?
A. do/spend B. will/spend C. did/spend D. are/spend
Look! The students ________________badminton in the school yard.
A. play B. played C. are playing D. A&B
My sister _______________a new book yesterday morning.
A. will buy B. is buying C. buys D. bought
Nobody ________________ him very well because he is new here.
A. know B. knows C. knowing D. A&C
Don’t forget __________________ a dictionary for me, Nam.
A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. bought
She was busy _________________ her homework.
A. doing B. to do C. did D. A&B
We can’t go out now because it _________________outside.
A. rained B. rain C. rains D. is raining
A: Oh, I don’t like bananas. B: _______.
A. I don’t, either B. I do either C. Neither, do I D. A&C
He was only fourteen, but he is _______ his father.
A. as tall as B. taller C. tall than D. as taller than
These mangoes are not ripe, and _______ are those bananas.
A. So B. Either C. Neither D. Both
Minh always studies badly, so he is not a _______ student.
A. badly B. well C. bad D. good
These are their shoes here and those are_______over there.
A. we B. our C. ours D. us
Linda lives in England, so she doesn’t have _______friends in Vietnam.
A. much B. a few C. little D. many
Mai never _________durians because she doesn`t _________their smell.
A. eats/like B. eats/likes C. eat/like D. eat/likes
Nam is better _________English, but he is worse _________math than I am.
A. at/in B. in/at C. in/in D. at/at
His new shoes are different _________mine, but his new shirt is similar_________ mine.
A. to/from B. from/to C. with/to D. from/from
_________science books are very interesting.
A. These B. Most C. Those D. all are correct
All the students enjoy_________cartoon films on the weekend.
A. to watch B. watch C. watching D. watched
It is easy_________a bike, but it’s difficult _________a car.
A. to ride/to drive B. to drive/to ride C. riding/driving D. driving/to ride
We have no money, but Tom has ____________.
A. many B. a little C. few D. a few
It’s not far from here to my school, so I often walk.
A. long B. tall C. heavy D. near
Hoa is unhappy because she knows ___________here.
A. someone B. anyone C. no one D. everyone
It often ___________me 15 minutes to go to school by bike.
A. takes B. gets C. gives D. has
Tom is as young as Mai, so they are the same ___________.
A. old B. year C. years old D. age
Of all schools in this town, mine is ___________.
A. the largest B. the larger C. the large D. the more large
He wants to learn _________ to use the computer.
A. what B. how C. why D. where
I write letters to my parents _________.
A. a time a week B. once a week C. one every week D. one time a week
There is _________fresh air in big cities
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