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tieng anh 7 sach moi unit 11

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Name: ……………………………………………….


Choose the best answer A, B, C or D that complete the following sentences
Trinh’s pen is red. ………… is black.
I B. My C. Mine D. Mine pen
They arrived ………… a car at 8 a.m. this morning.
in B. on C. by D. with
One day in the future, human ………… to Mars
will travel B. will be travelling C. is travelling D. travelled
We just wear ………… on our back and we can fly.
a metro B. a skytrain C. a jetpack D. a teleporter
………… has one wheel and is very easy to fall.
Hover scooter B. Monowheel C. Bicycle D. Driverless car
They ………… the boat out into the middle of the river.
pedaled B. functioned C. sailed D. drove
People can ………… on the Dead Sea because the water there is very salty.
flop B. float C. crash D. cycle
This morning I couldn’t go to work in time because of the ………… roads
heavy B. crowd C. gridlocked D. traffic jam
My friend has a 3-year-old brother. The boy in this picture is …………younger brother.
her B. hers C. she D. the
Next year, we ………… and soon get jobs.
will graduate B. will be graduated C. will be graduating D. won’t be graduated

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
A. wheel B. sweep C. heat D. beard
A. stop B. helicopter C. metro D. chocolate
A. behind B. hour C. horse D. hide

Choose the word which has the different main stress from the rest.
A. answer B. sentence C. return D. open
A. magazine B. information C. revision D. electronic

Read the following passage and do as required
Technology is developing rapidly and there have been many interesting transport inventions.Here are some of them.
Organic Transit Elf is a three-wheeled vehicle. It travels at 32 kph. It runs by solar energy or pedaling. The vehicle can protect people from the sun, rain and other elements. However, it depends a lot on the weather. It costs about $5,000. I think it`s too expensive.
The Ryno is a one-wheeled electric motorcycle. Just shift your body weight forward to go forward or lean back to stop or slow down. There`s also a hand brake. You can ride it anywhere and with just a little bit of practice, nearly anybody can ride it. In my opinion, it`s a convenient, environment-friendly vehicle.
Hovertrax is the world`s first portable, double-wheeled, self-balancing electric scooter. It`s controlled by shifting the body weight. Stand on the foot platform and lean forward to move forward. Lean back to stop or move backward. Shift more weight to one foot to turn. One problem is that it can be only used on a smooth surface. Personally, I think when using it, there is risk of injury, especially for children.
Which invention do you prefer to use in the future? I`m sure it will be very interesting to try one of them.
Task 1. Match the words/ phrases with their corresponding meanings.
xe máy điện một bánh

one-wheeled electronic motorcycle
thay đổi, di chuyển

tự cân bằng

hand brake
đạp bàn đạp

phanh tay

foot platform
xe máy điện, xe hẩy điện

smooth surface
bề mặt nhẵn

electric scooter
bục đứng

Task 2. True (T) /False (F) / Not Given (NG)
Among the three vehicles, the Organic Transit Elf is the fastest one. ______
We can`t use Organic Transit Elf when it rains. ______
Both the Ryno and Hovertrax are controlled by shifting the body weight. ______
It`s not difficult to ride a Ryno. ______
We can ride a Hovertrax anywhere. ______
Task 3: Choose the best options to complete the following sentences.
________ has the most wheels.
A. Organic Transit Elf B. Ryno C. Hovertrax
We need to lean back to ________ the Ryno.
A. move backward
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