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Tiếng Anh 7 Solutions Pre-intermediate

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Người gửi: Trịnh Quốc An
Ngày gửi: 10h:52' 24-03-2019
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1 Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the verbs in the box.
do win teach go read speak get
Last month I _______ an interesting book about Martin Luther King.
Janine _______ to New York for two weeks last year.
Miss Parker _______ us about some famous English writers last week.
My teacher _______ to my parents about my schoolwork last night.
I _______ some of my homework before breakfast this morning.
My cousin _______ a job at the new supermarket yesterday.
Our team _______ the school basketball competition last Saturday.
Mark: ___ /7
2 Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the verbs in brackets.
_______ (you write) an e-mail to James last night?
I _______ (buy) the English-English dictionary because it was very expensive.
_______ (Stuart see) Karen yesterday evening? She wanted to speak to him.
We _______ (go) to the cinema last Friday.
Mum _______ (cook) last night. We went to a restaurant.
I don’t want lunch today because I _______ (have) a big breakfast this morning.
_______ (you go) to the film club last Wednesday?
Mark: ___ /7
3 Complete the text with the correct past form of the verbs in the box.
visit be do not have give go
Last Saturday (1)_______ my birthday. I (2)_______ a party but Anna and I (3)_______ to London for the weekend. We (4)_______ some museums and Anna (5)_______ some shopping. She (6)_______ me an MP3 player for my birthday!
Mark: ___ /6
4 Complete the sentences with the correct words.
A person from Japan is _______.
A person from Australia is _______.
A person from France is _______.
A person from Britain is _______.
A person from Sweden is _______.
Mark: __ /5
5 Complete the text with the correct words.
My grandfather was (1)_______ in 1935. He (2)_______ as a teacher when he was 22 and he met my grandmother when he was 25. They got (3)_______ two years later. My grandfather taught all his life until he (4)_______ when he was 65. Sadly, he (5)_______ in 2004.
Mark: __ /5
6 [(1.07] Listen to the information about five famous people. Are the sentences true or false?
Stephen King published his first book when he was a teenager. ___
David Beckham married an actress. ___
Richard Branson started his first business after university. ___
Ang Lee studied in Taiwan and New York. ___
Michael Schumacher is still a racing driver. ___
Mark: ___ /10
7 Read the text.
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens is one of England’s most famous writers. He lived from 1812 to 1870 and he wrote fifteen major novels and lots of short stories. There are over 180 TV and film adaptations of his books. Some of his most famous books are Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and David Copperfield.
Dickens was born in Portsmouth in the south of England, but the family moved to London when he was ten years old. He had a difficult childhood. His father spent a long time in prison and Charles had to work in a factory from the age of twelve. Later his family received money from his father’s family and their life became better. Charles studied law but he hated it and became a journalist. This was when he started writing his books.
Dickens’ books are wonderful pictures of life in the big city of London at that time and are full of amazing characters. These characters are often very sad and very funny at the same time. Dickens wrote about poor people a lot and he wanted to show what life was like for them, so his characters’ lives are not very happy. But Dickens’ way of writing is very clever and funny and the characters can make us laugh!
Charles Dickens had ten children but his marriage wasn’t very happy. He died in 1870 and is buried in Westminster Abbey. Some people say he was one of the greatest writers in history. It is certainly true that his books are as interesting today as they were when he first wrote them.
8 Answer the questions.
When and where was Charles Dickens born?
Why was his childhood difficult?
What was his first job?
What are his books about?
How old was he when he died?
Mark: ___ /10
9 Write an e-mail to a friend about your week. Include the following information:
what you did at school/college
what you did after school and in the evenings
Mark: ___ /10 Total: ___ /60
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