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I.Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined
1.A. laughed/t/ B. washed/t/ C. danced/t/ D. played/d/
2.A. beds/z/ B. dogs/z/ C. porters/z/ D. books/s/(k/p/t/f)
3.A. although B. laugh/f/ C. paragraph/f/ D. enough/f/
II. Choose the words that have the different stress from the others
4.A. nomadic B. generous C. colourful D.countryside
5.A. popular B. calculus C. beehive D. disturb
IV. Choose the best answer to complete each ot the following sentences.
6. Nam helped his parents ________ the rice into the ox-drawn cart. A. load B. collect C. dry D. rider 7. In Emi`s opinion city lifeis more________ thancountry life A. friendly B. exciting C. natural D. peaceful 8. The sky is ________here in the countryside because there are no buildings to block the view. A. tidy B. close C. dense D. vast 9. Look! Some children are ________the buffaloes A. picking B. playing C. driving D. herding 10. Viet plays the guitar ________than Phong does A. more goodly B. more well C. better D. gooder 11. People in the countryside live________than those in the city.
A. happy                   B. more happily            C. happily              D. less happy
12. ________ is the most beautiful costume of all?
A. What do you think B. Which do you think
C. What you think D. Which you think
13. They enjoy________ on Sundays.
A. garden B. gardened C. gardening D. gardens
14. The young people now are ________computers and mobile phones. They use them a lot.
A. addicted of B. hooked on C. worried about D. afraid of
15. When they move to a new place, they ________.
A. make a new ger B. put up the ger C. buy a new ger D. must take down a ger 
16. She is ....................... student in my class.
A.most hard-working B. more hard-working
C. the most hard-working D. as hard-working
V.Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.
17. - “Could you pass me the salt, please?” - “_______”
A. Certainly, here you are. B. It can`t be passed.
C. The salt? Why`s that? D. No, I couldn`t.
18. - “Would you mind if I turned up the TV?” - “_______”
A. No, no. Please do it. B. No, I don`t do it.
C. Yes, I would. D. What a question!
VI. Choose the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in the following question.
19. Later that evening, when I was almost asleep, the sound of a crowd brought me back to full consciousness.
A. afraid B. tired C. awake D. aware
20. My mother often tells me never toaccept(chấp nhận) a lift from someone I`ve just met!
A. assist B. deny C. refuse(từ chối) D. prevent
I. Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question aboutthe passage.
Living in the country is something that people from the city often dream about.However, in reality, it has both advantages and disadvantages.
There are certainly many advantages of living in the country. First, you can enjoy peace and quietness. Moreover, people tend to be friendlier. A further advantage is that there is less traffic, so it is safer for young children.
However, there are certain disadvantages or drawbacks to life outside the city. First, because there are fewer people, you are likely to have few friends. In addition, entertainment is difficult to find, particularly in the evening. Furthermore
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