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Tiếng Anh 9 ĐỀ KIỂM TRA HỌC KÌ II (Cuối năm)

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Thành
Ngày gửi: 00h:55' 30-04-2020
Dung lượng: 21.6 KB
Số lượt tải: 1170
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Thị Hải Hà)
Full name: ...........................................
Class: ......................................................
Time: 45 minutes


I. Read the following passage and answer the questions. Circle A, B or C. (1.5pts)
A Chinese tourist on holiday in Egypt was shocked to see graffiti in Chinese on a 3,500-year-old monument in Luxor. A photo of the graffiti was soon on his blog on the Internet. People in China couldn’t believe it! They were angry and there was a big hunt to find the person responsible.They could find him easily because the message wasn’t very imaginative or clever. It was basically ‘Ding Jinhao was here’. That was enough for Internet users to find this particular Ding Jinhao, a teenager in Nanjing. His parents were quick to tell a local newspaper that their son was very sorry for his actions.
Ding’s graffiti was a terrible idea. It is a serious crime to write on a historic monument in Egypt. You can go to prison for a year for doing it. But in the past, people could write on monuments and no one was angry about it. At Giza there is an example of graffiti on a temple wall from 1244 BC. It says ‘Hadnakhte … came to make an excursion and amuse himself on the west of the Memphis, together with his brother, Panakhti’.
1. Why was it easy to find Ding Jinhao?

A. Because it was on a monument.

B. Because he wrote it on his blog.

C. Because it was basic and clear.

2. What is the attitude today to tourist graffiti in Egypt?

A. People can’t believe it.

B. It is considered a crime.

C. People are sorry for this action.

3. What does the pronoun “It” in the second paragraph refer to?

A. the monument

B. the message

C. the blog

4. What is the word “particular” in the second paragraph closest in meaning to?

A. specific

B. usual

C. definite

5. What is there at the top of Giza?

A. a drawing of the pyramid

B. a photo of graffiti

C. an example of graffiti
II. Read the passage about space. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F). Circle T or F. (1.5pts)
In the past, the study of space was mainly carried out by astronomers using telescopes. However, astronomers sometimes had it wrong. Meanwhile, apart from the desire to conquer the world around, humans also want more space to accomodate the world’s increasing population. Owing to the developments in space technology, humans have made spectacular explorations and discoveries of the space. The explorations can be conducted either by unmanned robotic probes or by human spaceflights. Undeniably, those achievements have been made quickly as a result of the “space race” by the Soviet Union and the United States. Within more than two decades, from the beginning of 1950s to 1970s, the two nations launched many of the milestones, from launching living beings into space to launching flybies to observe planets. However, the biggest achievement of the 21st century has been the cooperation in launching the International Space Station, which serves as space environment research laboratory for experiments in many fields. It is also suited for the testing of spacecraft systems and equipment required for missions to the Moon and Mars. Hopefully, in the near future, space technological advancements will soon allow us to find out habitable space environment.
1. The study of space via telescopes may not always bring the right findings.

2. One purpose of space explorations is to look for habitable places.

3. The developments in technology allow scientists to discover more about space.

4. The Soviet Union and the United States cooperated in space explorations in the 1950s.

5. International Space Station is the result of joint efforts by nations.

III. WRITING: For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. (3pts)
1.) Five students will be awarded a present. Their test result are excellent ( using relative clause)
->_____________________________________________________ 2. The souvenirs here are not expensive. → The prices of the souvenirs _________________________(AFFORDABLE) 3. We are studying in a very large classroom now. The classroom in which…………………………………………..………... 4. The last time I travelled to Hong Kong was two years ago. → I haven’t _____________________________ two years. (FOR)

5. I didn’t understand what those English people were talking about.  → They were ____________________ so I couldn’t understand them.

6. If I lived in the USA when I was small
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