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Người gửi: Phú Cường
Ngày gửi: 15h:47' 18-04-2019
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I. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. (10 pts)
1. ________Kuala Lumpur, Ha Noi is a busy modern city
A. As B. Such as C. Like D. Similar
2. I told her she could stay with us. That’s what I ________.
A. said to her B. said her C. told to her D. told
3. I wish I ________his name.
A. knew B. know C. will know D. would know
4. Minh’s father often take him ________the park every summer.
A. on B. to C. in D. after
5. Buddhism is a(n) ________.
A. group B. religion C. association D. imagination
6. Do you ________me say this in class?
A. let B. allow C. permit D. mind
7. How do people learn languages?
A. How are languages learned? B. How are languages learned by people?
C. How languages are learned? D. Languages are learned how?
8. Your car is in ________condition than mine.
A. worse B. worst C. bad D. good
9. Hoa doesn’t cook ________her mother does.
A. as bad as B. as good as C. as quick as D. as well as
10. The car ________by my father yesterday.
A. were washed B. was washed C. washed D. has been washed
11. It is ________that I have read it twice.
A. such an interesting book B. so interesting a book.
C. too interesting a book D. so an interesting book.
12. Jane is ________to do this exercise.
A. no intelligence enough B. not intelligent enough
C. not enough intelligent D. so intelligent enough
13. Two billion dollars________not enough for the victims of the tsunami last year.
A. was B. were C. is D. are
14. Neither the mother nor the children________aware of the danger.
A. were B. was C. is D. has been
15. If only he ________us the true in the first place, things wouldn’t have gone so wrong.
A. has told B. had told C. would have told D. should have told
16. The doctor suggested that his patient________ .
A. stop smoking B. stops smoking C. stopped smoking D. to stop smoking
17. It is necessary that he _______ the books.
A. don’t find B. doesn’t find C. find D. did not find
18. ________Saturday night I went to bed ________11 o’clock.
A. On / for B. On / until C. On / in D. On / at
19. I haven’t heard any news of Peter ________1999 .
A. in B. since C. on D. before
20. ________Christmas day we always have special meals.
A. in B. at C. on D. until
21. The United States has a ________of around 250 million
A. population B. introduction C. separation D. addition
22. We are really ________by the beauty of Hue
A. impression B. impress C. impreessive D. impressed
23. Malaysia is divided ________ two regions.
A. to B. in C. into D. on
24. Vietnamese people are very ________.
A. friend B. friendly C. friendship D. friendliness
25. He often goes to the ________to pray because his religion is Islam.
A. temple B. mosque C. church D. pagoda
26. He doesn’t depend ________ his parents.
A. in B. on C. at D. for
27. She went out ________saying a word.
A. to B. with C. without D. between
28. –“I’ve passed my driving test.” –“________.”
A. Congratulations! B. That’s a good idea. C. Do you? D. It’s nice of you to say so.
29. –“Have a nice weekend!” –“Thank you
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