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TEST 10’ -
13. He is _______in playing soccer.
A. interest B. interesting C. interests D. interested
14. Most children enjoy ______________ advertisements on TV.
A. to watch B. watch C. to watching D. watching
15. She wishes she _______________ in the future.
A. will be a doctor B. would be a doctor C. has been a doctor D. may be a doctor
16. He’ll never pass his driving test ____________ he takes some lessons more.
A. because B. unless C. because of D. if
17. When __________ the telephone _____________?
A. is / invented B. is / inventing C. were / invented D. was / invented
18. If he __________ the old lessons, he wouldn’t get bad marks.
A. revises B. revised C. revising D. will revise
19. She ____________ as a nurse for 10 years.
A. worked B. had worked C. has worked D. is working
20. We got lost because we didn’t have a map.
A. We didn’t have a map, so we got lost. B. We didn’t have a map, so we didn’t get lost.
C. We had a map, and we got lost. D. We had a map, but we got lost.
21. I often went fishing with my brother when I was a child.
A. I used to go fishing when I was a child. B. I am used to going fishing when I was a child.
C. I still go fishing with my brother now. D. I was going fishing when I was a child.
22. He said to me: “I must finish the work on time”.
A. He said to me that I had to finish the work on time.
B. He said to me that he must finish the work on time.
C. He said to me that he has to finish the work on time.
D. He said to me that he had to finish the work on time.
TEST 10’ -
2. “I’m here now”, said Mary. . ( The reported speech form of this sentence is:
Mary said (that) _________.
A. I was there now. B. she was there now.
C. I was there then D. she was there then
4. Workers at that time loved wearing jean cloth because the material did not ________ easily.
A. go on B. wear out C. look after D. come across
6. “Why do you want this job ?” She said to me. ( The reported speech of this sentence is.
- She asked me ______________
A. why she wanted this job. B. why I wanted that job.
C. why do I want that job. D. why I wanted that job ?
7. Jean cloth _________ from cotton in the 18th century.
A. made B. is made C. is being made D. was made
8. The students are looking forward to _________the result of the final examination.
A. receives B. receive C. receiving D. received
9. I’ll be in Ha Noi from Friday _________ Sunday.
A. on B. up to C. between D. after
10. My village lies near the foot of the mountain and ________.
A. by the river B. with the river C. on the river D. at the river
12. She likes _______ uniform when she is at school.
A. wear B. worn C. wearing D. wears
13. I have known her _________ six years when I was at the health club.
A. yesterday B. last C. tomorrow D. for
15. This is a difficult problem. I wish I ________ the answer.
A. know B. knew C. had known D. would know
16. I haven’t seen Kate ________ Christmas.
A. on B. at C. ever D. since
18. He must be the director, ________?
A. will he B. mustn’t he C. is he D. isn’t he
19. - Thang: "What do you think about that work of fiction?" - Huong
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