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Underline the content words in the sentences.
Dalat is famous for its sceneries.
I go to the cinema every week.
The artisan is carving a statue skillfully.
This workshop was set up on the river bank years ago.
Foreign tourists often visit Ben Thanh Market for souvenirs.
Where did you buy this knitted tablecloth?
Place a mark over the words that should be stressed In the following sentences.
E.g. Her `hobbies are `music, `reading and `handicraft.
The craftsmen worked in a freezing cold workshop.
The street is full of vendors selling handicrafts.
The town survives mainly through tourism.
Independence Palace is a major tourist attraction.
They sell rugs made by local artisans.
Do you know about the other services available at your local library?
Complete the sentences with the appropriate words or phrases. Take the picture next to each sentence as a clue.
Along with the Ao Dai, the is a cultural symbol of Vietnamese people.

Dong Ho are simple, meaningful and created for the mass.

The art of dates back to China some 10,000 years ago.

Thanh Ha Village in Hoi An is famous for its manually crafted products.
Hoi An is famous for its colorful paper .

HangGai is obviously a right place to shop for in Hanoi.

A number of Dong Son bronze were found by chance in 1924.

We‟re all impressed with a wide variety of sculptures made by Non Nuoc artisans.

Match the word with its definition.
artisan a. a product that is made by hand rather than by using a machine
workshop b. the process of encouraging members of a group to work well together by having them take part in activities and games
authenticity c. a person who does skilled work, making things with their hands
handicraft d. a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving
team-building e. the place where something first started to exist
birthplace f. a room or building where things are made using tools or machines
thread g. a work of art that is a solid figure or object made by carving or shaping wood, stone, clay, metal, etc.
sculpture h. the quality of being real or true
Complete the sentences with the words from the box.



She her uniform every chance, keeping it crisp and fresh.
These baskets are from strips of willow.
I‟ve a sweater for John, and now I‟m making one for me.
The dragon pattern was sometimes on the cloth.
The statue was out of a single piece of stone.
This video shows how to a cup from clay.
Dong Son drums were in bronze and designed with traditional patterns.
Every year, a lot of products are from the workshop of Phong‟s family.
Fill in the blank with an appropriate preposition or adverb to form a phrasal verb.
They got bus and walked to the craft village.
The museum has been temporarily closed for reconstruction.
Bat Trang Ceramic Village is facing up the lack of artisans.
He asked her to go on a vacation with his family but she turned him .
Tourists coming Western countries find conical hats interesting.
She is used to dealing all kinds of people in her job.
He got to find himself alone in the house.
Tomorrow‟s match has been called because of the icy weather.
I‟m looking to the reunion with my family in Vietnam.
These traditional stories have been passed from parent to child over many generations.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in capital.
Local people can earn their livings by providing tourists with necessary services. (LIVE)
→ Local people
That man has a friendly relationship with the owner of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (GETS)
→ That man
Pictures of the suspect were published in all daily papers. (BROUGHT)
→ Pictures
There is no oil and gas left on Earth. (RUN)
→ The Earth has
The council had to cancel the football match because of the storm. (CALL)
→ The council
She was reading a magazine as she waited in the doctor‟s office. (LOOKING)
→ She
I will return to Hoi An to have another week of adventure this summer. (COME)
→ I
After leaving college, he started his own business with a bank loan. (SET)
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