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Người gửi: Nguyễn Nam Bảo
Ngày gửi: 16h:55' 05-09-2012
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Số lượt tải: 651
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Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets
I’d rather (stay)__________________ home tonight
She had trouble (tell) ________________ lies to the boss
It is worth (spend) __________________ money on it. It has been there in the shop for ages
The students get used to (help) _____________ the old and the disabled
It’s no use (learn) ________________ a language
I dislike (call) _______________ a little girl
We spend hours (type) _____________________ this document
She has her mother (help) __________________ me every weekend
He keeps (hope) ____________________ and (pray) _________________ that things will get better
Idon’t know why he avoids (meet) _______________ me
The manager decided (resign) _____________________ his secretary
The boy admitted (break) _________________ my ancient flower vase
He suggested (have) __________________ lunch outside
I expect (meet) ____________________ my parents because I haven’t seen for ages
I promise (not tell) ___________________ a lie
Mary suggested (hold) ____________________ a barbecue in the garden
He keeps (hope) _______________ (win) _________________ the game this summer
The students stopped (talk)____________________ when the teacher came in
I enjoy (listen) ____________ to classical music
I’ll try (not make)__________________ the same mistake again
Would you mind (give) _______________ me a hand?
She has just finidhed (write) _____________ a friendly letter
Have you ever watched people (try) __________________ (catch)___________________ fish?
Do you have any money (pay) _______________ for the book?
Would you be so good as (answer) ___________________ the phone when iot rains?
Try (forget) _________________ it; it isn’t worth (worry) ________________ about
We want (pay) ________________ better wages
We don’t enjoy (use) _____________ as cheap labor; we’re tired of (work )____________for low wages
After (hear) _____________ the conditions, I decided (not enter) ______________ for the competition
Imagine (have) __________________ (get) _______________ up at 4 A.M every day
We were surprised by his (go) _________________ away without (say) ________________goodbye
It’s not much use (have) ______________ a bicycle if you don’t know how (ride)________________ it
I’d love (have) _________________ an apportunity (meet) _____________________ you again
He resents (tell) __________________ what (do) _____________
We expect (treat) ___________________ like human beings
She hopes (invite) __________________ to discussions with the company
We’re going to have our luggage (weigh) _______________
I want my exercises (do) ___________________ by tomorrow morning
Can these old engines be made (start) ________________?
There were some people (row) __________________ on the river
Try (avoid) ____________ (be) ___________late. He hates (keep) ____________ (wait) ___________.
Do you feel like (dine) ______________ out or would you rather (have) _______________ dinner at home?
- I’d like(go) ______________ out. I always enjoy (have) _________________ dinner in a restaurant
Your hair needs (cut) ________________. You’d better(have) ________________ it (do) ____________ tomorrow – unless you’d like me (have) _______________ a go at it for you
The children prefer (watch) ____________________ TV to (read) ______________
I am against (make)_________________ any complaints
We are looking forward to (read) ________________ your new book
You’d better consult your lawyer before (decide) __________________ to buy the property
It’s an (interest) __________________ match
After (watch) ____________ for three hours we stopped to let the others (catch up )__________ with us
He was fined for (exceed) _______________ the speed limit
Before (give) ______________ evidence you must swear (speak) ______________ the truth
His doctor sdvised hime (give up ) _________________ his job
My watch keeps (stop) _____________ because you keep (forget) _____________ (wind) ____________
Some people seem (have) ______________ qa passion for (write) ___________________ to the newspaper
I tried (explain) __________________ to him but he refused (listen) _________________ and went on (grumble)__________________
Would you like (go) _________________ (fish) _______________ with me this afternoon
She has something (tell) _______________ you
My mother her hair (do) _______________ once a month
I know my hair wants (cut)_________________ but I never have time (go) ________________ to the hairdresser’s
It took me three days (find) ___________________ out the old photograph
Supply the correct verb tense or form
He (see)…………………….… her while he (walk)…………………….……. down the street yesterday.
After he (do)……………………… his homework, he went to the cinema.
Tom (play) ……………..……. football when he was a little boy.
Let’s go for a walk as soon as it stops (rain) ……………………..…….
Last night, when I (come) ………………….. there, they (already/go) ………………….. to the party.
Do you remember (read) ………………. about it? No, at that time I was too young (

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