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Trọn bộ bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 cả năm

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Người gửi: Phạm Nguyễn Tú Trinh
Ngày gửi: 20h:20' 13-05-2016
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I – Read the answers and complete the questions in the following conversation.
1. Where ?
I live at 215 Le Loi Street.
2. What time ?
I get up at six o’clock every morning.
3. What then?
Then, I brush my teeth and do morning exercise until haft past six.
4. When ?
I usually leave for school at quarter to seven.
5. How ?
I walk to school. My house is only two blocks from my school.
6. Where ? At home or at school?
I usually have breakfast at home, but sometimes at the school canteen.
7. How long ?
School last from haft past seven to eleven o’clock.
8. How many lessons in the morning?
I usually have three lessons in the morning.
9. How often ?
I have English lesson three times a week.
10. Which subject best ?
I must say it’s Math. I like it best of all the subjects.

II – Turn these sentences into negative and interrogative.
1. We go to school everyday.

2. Lan plays badminton every weekend.

3. Hoa lives to read story books.

4. Lien and Lan are in the same class.

5. Ba’s father works in a factory.

6. Nam has breakfast at 7 o’clock.

7. Tam studies English every Tuesday.

8. They enjoy watching television.

9. His mother cooks dinner for the family.

10. Hoa’s mother goes shopping every Sunday.

III – Writhe complete sentences in Simple Present tense, using the cues given.
1. Hoa / often / play / badminton/ afternoon.

2. Lan / usually/ read/ book / recess.

3. Ba/ seldom/ go/ school/ bus.

4. Her father/ ride/ his motorbike.

5. Lien’s mother/ teach/ Math/ our school.

6. Hoa and Lan/ be/ same class/ this year.

7. Nam/ have/ short black hair.

8. Lan/ introduce/ Hoa/ many new friends.

9. Tam/ often/ write/ letters/ her grand-parents.

10. Ther/ sometimes/ go fishing/ their friends.

IV - Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.
1. We (be) in Grade 8 this year.

2. Hoa and Lan (busy) some books yesterday.

3. Our friends (watch) a game on T.V at the moment.

4. Ba’s teacher (give) him a lot of homework last week.

5. Our class (go) to the zoo next week.

6. Their grandmother (tell) them a lot of stories last year.

7. Look! Lan (wear) a new dress.

8. We (visit) our grandparents this weekend.

9. All the students in our school (receive) new books yesterday.

10. Listen! The birds (sing) beautifully.

V – Combine the following sentences, use the structure “ ENOUGH TO”
1. Ba is tall. He can play volleyball.

2. Lan is intelligent. She can do that test.

3. Hoa is skillful. She can make her own handkerchief.

4. His parent are rich. The can buy a new car.

5. Phong and Thu aren’t tall. They can’t paly basketball.

6. Tam is old. Ha can ride a motorbike.

7. Phu is very strong. He can carry those heavy bags.

8. The children are tired. The go to bed early.

9. He is hungry. He eats three loaves of bread.

10. We are thirsty. Wa can drink a lot of water.

VI – Put the words in the correct form.
1. She is a (beauty) singer and she sings (beauty)……………..
2. My parents enjoy the (peaceful) of the countryside.
3. Everybody words (quiet) in the library.
4. Nguyen does everything (differently) from his classmates.
5. Nga felt (extreme) upset about losing her job

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