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Exercise 1: Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Opera singer Maria Callas was known for her ________, powerful voice.
A. intensity B. intensify C. intense D. intensely
2. Many readers will disagree with the selection and the assessments as any guide will invevitably be ______
A. subject B. subjected C. subjective D. Subjectivism
3. Politicians___________blame the media if they don’t win the election. They’re so predictable.
A variable B. variety C. various D. invariably
4. This is very _______! Can’t you practise your violin somewhere else?
A. convenient B. conveniently C. Inconvenient D. convenience
5. I would like to show you my lastest ________, which I have called “Boasts on a Lake”
A. creativity B. creator C. create D. creation
6. During the festival _______ were hanging from every tree.
A. decorator B. decorations C. decorative D. decorativeness
7. He offered to give me a ________ of how the machine worked.
A. demonstrator B. demonstration C. demonstrate D. demonstrative
8. Those countries are_______ on other countries for most of their food.
A. dependent B. independence C. dependable D. dependability
9. He acted in an extremely ________ manner, which made him very unpopular
A. dictation B. dictatorial C. dictate D. dictatorship
10. He hoped the _______ agency would find him a job.
A. employee B. unemployed C. employer D. employment
Exercise 2: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
I’m afraid they weren’t very _______ about your idea of going out this evening.
A. enthusiastically B. enthusiastic C. enthusiasm D. enthusiast
The student did not do well in the class; he had a problem with ________
A. absent B. absently C. absence D. absenteeism
The information in that article is ________ inaccurate.
A. historian B. historial C. history D. historically
Some people show ______ attitude toward the misery of others, totally untouched by their suffering.
A. passionate B. dispassionate C. passion D. passionately
The charity organization received a large gift from the ________.
A. donation B. donor C. donate D. donated
The sick child must stay away from others because he has a _________disease.
A.communicate B. communicable C. communicator D. communication
The technician applying for the position was asked to supply a _______ list of her former places of employment.
A. chronological B. chronologically C. chronologist D. chronology
I do not understand what these results ______.
A. significant B. sgnify C. significance D. significantly
They said my illness was ________. Don’t they realize I’m in a lot of pain?
A. immagianry B. imagination C. imagine D. imaginative
She was much less _______student than her sister.
A. industrial B. industrious C. industrialist D. industrialized
Exercise 3: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
It was very _______of you to notice that.
A. observant B. observatory C. observation D. observe
There is a ________ of carrots because of the bad weather.
A. shortly B. shorten C. shortage D. short
The factory manager was so _________ that the employees left in disgust
A. dictator B. dictatorial C. dictatorship D. dictate
Their failure to act is _______ of their lack of interest
A. indicate B. indicator C. indication D. indicative
The company was _______ and made a tremendous amount of money.
A. progress B. progressive C. progression D. progressively
The _____ account given by the witness convinced the jury of the plaintiff’s right to a settlement.
A. description B. desciribing C. desciptive D
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