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I. Read the passage carefully and then choose the best answer.
There are more and more challenges for school children today at their early age. For example elementary pupils have to work harder to finish many types of homework. Teachers and parents can help them in many ways. Teachers should be more ready to give timely comments and feedbacks to encourage their pupils. At home, parents also need to care more about the place and time for their children to do homework. There should be enough space to work comfortably, good light, and no distractions such as television or phone calls.
Taking tests is another challenge for school children. Some parents worry that their children will become stressed over the tests. However, teachers can help them prepare more carefully for the tests and be more confident to pass them. Teachers try to make sure that the pupils really enjoy the experience, so that they are able to do their best. Parents can help by not taking them too seriously. The more relaxed parents are, the better children can perform in the tests.
1. Which of the following is used as an example to show how hard children have to study today?
A. They have to finish a lot of homework.
B. They have to neglect many types of homework.
C. They have to get good marks.
D. They have to take many kinds of exams.
2. According to the reading passage, what DON’T parents need to care more about when their children do the homework?
A. Distraction B. Time C. Space D. Position
3. How do parents feel about their children`s taking tests?
A. They worry that their children will become stressed.
B. They think it is a challenge for them.
C. They care about them. D. They help them prepare for the tests.
4. Why do teachers have to make school children feel that taking tests is an enjoyable experience?
A. so that they are confident to take the tests.
B. so that they are more worried about taking tests.
C. so that they prepare more carefully.
D. so that they are able to do their best.
5. What kind of attitude should parents show towards children`s taking tests?
A. Serious B. Relaxed C. Ready D. Useful
II. Read the two passages carefully and choose the correct answer.
In developing countries, people are sometimes unaware of the importance of education, and there is economic pressure from those parents who prioritize their children`s, making money in the short term over any long-term benefits of education. Recent studies on child labor and, poverty have suggested that when poor families reach a certain economic threshold where families are able to provide for their basic needs, parents return their children to school. This has been found to be true, once the threshold has been breached, even if the potential economic value of the children`s work has increased since their return to school.
Other problems are that teachers are often paid less than other professions; a lack of good universities and a low acceptance rate for good universities are evident in countries with a relatively high population density.
India has launched EDUSAT, an education satellite that can reach remote parts of the country at a greatly reduced cost. There is also ail initiative supported by several major corporations to develop a $100 laptop. The laptops have been available since 2007. The laptops, sold at cost, will enable developing countries to give their children a digital education. In Africa, an "e-school program" has been launched to provide all 600,000 primary and high schools with computer equipment, learning materials and internet access within 10 years. Volunteer groups are working to give more individuals opportunity to receive education in developing countries through such programs as the Perpetual Education Fund. An International Development Agency project started with the support of American President Bill Clinton uses the Internet to allow co-operation by individuals on issues of social development.
In developing countries, ________.
a. people all know that education is very important all the time
b. all parents are rich enough to send their children to school
c. children have rights to get high schooling
d. children have to work instead of going to school
According to recent studies, when parents are able to overcome their financial difficulty, ________.
a. they send their children back to school
b. they still make their children continue working
c. they have their children work even harder
d. they themselves continue their schooling
In populous countries, ________.
a. teaching is the highest-paid career
b. there are a lot of good universities
c. there is a lack of good universities
d. no other careers are better paid than teaching
The third paragraph is about ________.
a. an Indian education satellite
b. the projects to computerize education in developing countries
c. the computerization of African education
d. President Bill Clinton who
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