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I, Rewrite the following sentences, using “USED TO” or “DIDN’T USED TO”
We usually lit our houses with candles.
Sailors were usually guided by strars.
People usually cooked on wood fires.
It usually took me several days to go to London.
Books were usually written by hand.
People usually traveled on foot.
They usually made their own bread.
The old sailro usually drank lots of whisky.
Mr. Smith usually smoked cigars.
Bill usually worked very hard.
I had a lot of money but I lost it all when my business failed.
I quite like classical music now, although I wasn`t keen on it when I was younger.
I seem to have lost interest in my work.
My brother had his hair cut short when he joined the army.
Dennis gave up smoking three years ago.
My parents lived in the USA when they were young.
Jim was my best friend, but we aren`t friends any more.
When he was younger, my uncle was a national swimming champion.
I eat ice-cream now, but I disliked eating it when I was a child.
I quite like classical music now, although I wasn`t keen on it when I was younger.
Mary always went swimming after school last year,
She usually wore uniform when she was a student.
I don’t normally have coffee for breakfast.
When I was a child we lived in Bristol.
Lan usually walked pass the mosque on her way to primary school.
II, Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.
1. My father didn’t _________ coffee for breakfast.
A. used to have B. use to have C. use to having D. use be having
2. We ________ walk past the church on our way to primary school.
A. uses to walk B. used to walking C. used to walk D. are used to walking
3. Mr. Poole has lived in Vietnam for many years. He ________the hot climate here.
A. used to B. is used to C. gets used to D. B and C are correct
4. Miss White is a nurse. She ________ working at night.
A. used to B. uses to C. is used to D. has used to
5. Precious metals such as gold, silver________ for making jewelries.
A. used to B. are used to C. is used to D. used
6. I always read books before bedtime. I ________ reading books at night.
A. am used for B. used to C. am used to D. was used to
7. He never drinks beer. He ________ drinking beer.
A. used B. isn’t used to C. used to D. isn’t used for
8. I’m from Vietnam. I _________ driving on the right.
A. use to B. used to C. am used to D. get used
9. My uncle _________ policeman when I was young.
A. used to B. used to be C. used to being D. used have been
10. Helen_________ to me very often, but now she phones.
A. used to write B. has written C. wrote D. writes
11. Tam didn’t _______ do morning exercise. Now he is getting fat.
A. used to B. use to C. get used to D. be used to
12. A lot of people use mobile phones nowadays. They _____communicating through long distances.
A. are used for B. used for C. used to D. are used to
13. It’s took me quite a long time to _________ wearing these glasses.
A. be used to B. used to C. get used to D. be used for
14. There was a big tree in our garden but it has just been cut down. There _______ a big tree there.
A. is used to B. has been C. is D. used to be
15. I _________ driving on the left in London here so I often travel by bus.
A. used to B. am used to C. am not used to D. didn’t use to
16. Mrs. Lan is a nurse, so she _________ at night.
A. to work B. is used to working C. worked D. used to work
17. He never drinks beer. He ___________ beer.
A. is used to drinking B. used to drink
C. didn’t used to drink D. isn’t used to drinking
18. I ________ stay up late watching TV
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