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Word Form: Ôn thi đại học By Lê Văn Hậu

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Người gửi: Lê Văn Hậu (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 17h:08' 07-08-2013
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Vietnam National University

Teacher: Lê Văn Hậu Email: levanhaunnk46@gmail.com Telephone number: 0934 252 604

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the words.
Third time lucky! After two ____________ attempts Mark’s finally passed his driving test. (SUCCESS)
A newcomer is _____________ with the area around him or her. (FAMILY)
People usually have hobbies for _____________. (ENJOY)
Street noise is one of the _____________ of living in the city. (ADVANTAGE)
Some universities in the United States have _____________ dormitories. (CO - EDUCATE)
A _____________ person is one who is kind. (THINK)
You should not leave _____________ things on car seats in full view of people walking past. (VALUE)
I have never had the same opinions as my father. In fact, when I was younger we were always having _____________. (AGREE)
Both Miss White and Miss Betty are stamp _____________. (COLLECT)
It took the scientists years to study effects of _____________ on bodies in space. (GRAVITY)
_____________ sports have been added to the Asian Games. (TRADITION)
He felt very happy after he finished his _____________. (PERFORM)
I have learned to play the guitar for six months but I haven’t been very _____________ in playing it. (SUCCESS)
China was the third country in the world to be able to _____________ carry out manned space flight. (DEPEND)
On my salary we have to live as _____________ as possible. (ECONOMY)
In the past few years, this area has become heavily _____________. (INDUSTRY)
Alice felt very _____________ as she found out the money was not hers. (EMBARRASS)
To understand these paintings, you need to use your _____________. (IMAGINE)
The children were jumping about in _____________ as their parents agreed to take them to the water park. (EXCITE)
Those berries are _____________. Don’t eat them! (POISON)
He was too _____________ to tell his teacher about the stupid mistake.(SHAME)
When you travel into space, you can eat and drink in _____________. (WEIGH)
Grass for animals is a _____________ resource. (NEW)
The mountain was not _____________ until 1953. (CONQUEST)
_____________, Gagarin died in a plane crash on a routine training flight in March 1968. (FORTUNE)
The result of the exam shows some _____________ in her study. (IMPROVE)
After the match, many fans went _____________ with delight. (WILDERNESS)
What sort of _____________ do you need for the job?(QUALITY)
Dancing and singing are among her many _____________. (ACCOMPLISH)
We were all taken in by his _____________ story.(FASCINATE)
At last, our project ______________successful. (GIGANTIC)
Many _______________are studying the effects of building dams on the local settler’s life. (ECOLOGY)
Mai’s brother is very _______________ about Asian Games. (KNOW)
We took part in the competition with great ________________. (ENTHUSIAST)
A very old car is usually a (an) _______________ car. (RELY)
We must raise an _______________ of the problems of overpopulation. (AWARE)
Many plants and animals are now in danger of _____________. (EXTINCT)
Our next-door neighbor is a _______________ who is studying marine life. (BIOLOGY)
Laura has been very ______________ during my illness. (SUPPORT)
My main ______________ at home is to wash the dishes. (RESPONSIBLE)
Susan usually helps her mother with ______________chores. (HOUSE)
Ms. Huntley is a very warm and ______________ person. (CARE)
If you are worried about their ______________, put your jewels in the hotel safe. (SECURE)
What I am telling you is strictly ______________. (CONFIDENCE)
They’ve enough toys to keep them out of ______________ for a while. (MISCHIEVOUS)
We were relieved that Tom had arrived at the wedding ______________ dressed. (SUIT)
Remember you’re in the army! If you ______________orders you’ll get a court martial. (OBEDIENT)
It is not easy to earn a living as an ______________. (ART)
The British government______________ the railway in 1948. (NATION)
The whole trip to Africa was planned with ______________ precision. (MATHEMATICS)
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Most people_______ the holiday with their families. (have/ spent/ joined/ past)
The committee will _______ about the program after lunch. (talk/ discuss/ agree/ accept)
He wanted to visit Bangkok after _______ from the United States. (back/ returned/ returning/ get back)
It has been a long time _______ he last talked to his best friend. (ago/ when/ after/ since)
The teacher _______ to the class what he wanted done. (told/ explained/ requested/ required)
He always_______ before he acts. (does/ makes/ thinks/

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