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Người gửi: CO BE MA KET
Ngày gửi: 16h:08' 16-08-2018
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I wasn`t_____ with my exam result.
A. please B. pleased C. pleasing D. pleasant
The water is _____. You can`t drink it.
A. polluted B. pollution C. polluting D. pollutant
I am very _______ in the news.
A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. interests
We avoid_______ our environment.
A. polluted B. polluting C. pollute D. to pollute
Many spacemen could never get back to the Earth because of ____ accidents.
A. tragedy B. tragic C. tragically D. tragedies
We`ve decided to interview only ten _____ for the job.
A. applicants B. applicable C. appliances D. applications
Artificial satellites provide data on atmosphere temperatures, solar radiation and _____ the earth`s surface.
A. reflect B. the reflection C. can reflect D. reflecting
They have no _____ for help.
A. expectation B. expect C. expectative D. expectancy
Boys and girls may behave _____ in this situation.
A. difference B. differing C. different D. differently
All of us were _____ that he was successful in the final exam.
A. surprising B. surprisingly C. surprise D. surprised
One recent ________ in medicine is the development of laser in treating cancer.
A. achievements B. achievement C. achiever D. achieved
You have to be aware of the damage humans are doing to quicken the ________ of wildlife. A. extinct B. extinctive C. extinctions D. extinction
He was finally _________ in his final attempt. A. successful B. successive C. unsuccessful D. success
They did everything possible to _______ the police force. A. strengthen B. strengthening C. strength D. stronger
It was a(n) ________ mistake that he made. A. shamed B. shameful C. ashamed D. shameless
I spent a(n)________ night because of my toothache. I’m very tired now. A. sleepy B. sleeping C. sleepless D. asleep
His low scores in the mock tests ______ him quite a lot. A. courageous B. encouraging C. discouraged D. encouragement
Recently pop-rock music has decreased in ________. A. popular B. popularizing C. popularity D. popularly
The waste from the chemical factory is extremely ________. A. harmed B. unharmed C. harmful D. harmless
The restaurant is now under new ________. A. manager B. manageable C. management D. manager
Your money will be refunded if the goods prove to be ________. A. satisfying B. dissatisfied C. satisfactory D. unsatisfactory
The problem of ________ among young people is hard to solve. A. employment B. employers C. employees D. unemployment
The dictionaries are on the _________-book shelves. A. referred B. referring C. reference D. references
The _________ of old buildings should be taken into consideration. A. preserve B. preservation C. preservative D. preserves
It is tiring to talk to such _________-minded person. A. conservative B. conserved C. conservation D. conserving
He became one of the most ________ actors in Vietnam. A. success B. successful C. successfully D. successive
Smoke from cigarettes can even do harm to _________. A. smoking B. smokers C. nonsmokers D. smoky
Man has witnessed a great many significant _________ of science and technology in the past few decades. A. accomplishes B. accomplished C. accomplishments D. accomplishers
You should eat more. You’re a bit _________. A. underweight B. overweight C. weightless D. weighty
You should _________ yourselves with some grammatical terms. A. familiar B. familiarity C. unfamiliar D. familiarize
Although some societies are _________ undeveloped, their languages, from a linguist’s point of view, are very complex.
A. technology B. technologically C. technological D. technologist
Our education will help with the _________ of knowledge for the young. A. enrichment B. rich C. riches D. richness
The ________ was a success; the patient will fully recover in a month’s time. A. operate B. operation C. operator D. operating
Call the TV stations for the ________ of the opening of our new store. A. publicity B. publicize C. public D. publicizing
I like my
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