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Writing an article describing a wonder of VN
Hue ancient imperial complex is situated in Hue city. It was recognised as a World Cultural Heritage in 1993. It attracts visitors by its rich history and its great constructions including Hue imperial, great inner area, King Nguyen`s tombs. It is also well known for its special Intangible Cultural Heritage called Royal Court Music which was informed at the festivals of the years during reigns of the Nguyen. It is truly a memorable experience to visit this place.
Writing an email to give information about places of interest
Dear Linda,
I am very glad to hear that you are coming to Viet Nam. I hope you`ll have a good time spending one day in Ha Noi. There are many interesting places in the city, but I think you just be able to visit three places within one day. The first place that I would like to suggest you is Vietnam National Museum of History. I think it`s a must-see place for you as you are into getting to know about history. The second place is HoanKiem Lake. It`s one of the symbols of Ha Noi. There you can also visit Ngoc Son Temple. Finally, you can wander around the Old Quarter to explore Vietnamese culture.
Tell me when you come, so I can pick you up and guide you to these places.
Qualities family
In my opinion, to get along with other members in an extended family, a person needs to be caring because it is important that they care for every member in their family. It is necessary when they are sick or in trouble. Besides, they need to be sympathetic because the gaps between generations are unavoidable. To maintain the harmony in the family, they sometimes have to put themselves in others` shoes to understand each other better. The third important quality is they need tobe loyal because it is built through sickness and health, failure or success; they stand by each other in every circumstance.
Life in the past
Nowadays, it becomes more convenient for students to study with help of a computer that connected to the internet. It is easier and quicker to search for the information that they need to do a project. While students of twenty years ago couldn`t do the same, when they got an assignment as a project, they had to go to library to search by reading many kinds of books or asked someone for the information. They had to take notes of useful information, and then wrote a draft, after that they rewrote it for submission. I can`t imagine how inconvenient it is when we don`t have a help of a computer for study.
Unit 3
Dear Miss Sweetie.
I am feeling depressed about my situation. I am a student in grade 9. At school I am good at maths so my parents want me to become a doctor in the future. They asked me to study so much not only at school but also at an evening class. However I would like to become a software engineer. I feel disappointed not being myself. Could you give me some advice about this?
Best regards
Topic 5: The disadvantages of living in the city
Many people find it difficult and unpleassant to live in the city because of these reasons. - First, the air in the city is getting more and polluted because the traffic is so heavy, the city roads are inbad conditions and the population is really big. There are fewer and fewer trees, lakes and rivers.- Second, the cost of living is much higher than in the rural areas. People have to spend more money onfood, drink, clothes and other activities like traveling and entertainment, while the salary has not beenmuch improved.- Finally, life in the city is more dangerous than in the countryside because of night clubs, discotheques,casinos… City people are easily attracted by social evils such as drinking, drug – talking or gambling…So, there are more crimes because some people don’t want to work but only want money to play.- In short, living in the city has many disadvantages so people have to struggle a lot to survive
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