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writing a letter

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Khánh Minh
Ngày gửi: 16h:59' 01-02-2018
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* Useful expressions:

Let’s + V0
Why don’t you / we + V0
Shall we + V0
Can you + V0

Would you like + to + V0
Are you free + V0

How about + Ving
Do you feel like + Ving

- Give my best regards to your parents and hope to see you soon.
- I hope you will come.
- Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Nam invites his friend-Lam, who is now living in a different town, to spend a weekend with him. Help Nam to write a letter, using the cues below.
Dear Lam,
We / not meet / since / you / move.I / miss / a lot.
We / both / have / some days-off / between / two-terms / soon.
if / not make / other plans / why / not spend / weekend / together?
feel / like / visit / forest / near / my grandparents’ / again?
look / quite different / now / because / very many young trees / plant / the Tree-Planting Festivals.
do come / if/ find / possible / and / I / make / all / preparations. / give / my best regards / your parents/ and/ hope/ see you/ soon.
Your friend,

Write a letter to a friend inviting him/her to attend your birthday party.

DearLan, I am going to hold a brithday party at my home at 7 pm on Septemper 18th . I’ll be glad if you come. I have invited many friends in our class and others. It’ll be an exciting party. There will be a lot of candies, cakes, and some special food which will be made by my mom. And after eating, we can play some games, open presents and watch someinteresting films. I hope you will come. Your participation is my pleasure. Love,

Write a letter to a friend inviting him/her to watch a movie that he/she wanted to see. Tell him/her What movie is it? Why do you think it might be interesting? Make arrangements to watch it together. Dear Rosy, Hope this letter finds you in good health. I am so excited to inform you about my plan of watching a movie together. Let me give you some details of the movie so that you can also understand why I am so enthusiastic about it. The name of the film is "The Return of the King" which is the third film of the epic fantasy adventure series directed by Peter Jackson. Besides the exciting story line, the most appealing fact of the movie is that many scenes have been captured in New Zealand and being kiwis, both of us will definitely enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty of our country. While viewing the trailer, I could even identify some of the places which are very near to our hometown. I advise you not to worry about the tickets. As a member of MovieBuzz, I will get online tickets at discounted price.
Let me know before Friday 7 pm. I am happy to pick you up from your office and drop you at your home after the show. Hope to hear from you soon. Your friend, Rims
Write a letter to a friend inviting him/her to watch a movie that he/she wanted to see.

Write a letter to a friend inviting him/her to attend your birthday

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