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Người gửi: Nguyễn Tiến N
Ngày gửi: 08h:25' 06-08-2022
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Số lượt tải: 214
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Bài tập ôn hè 7 lên 8 (môn Anh)
Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer.
1. Although / Despite / Because he was the best candidate, he didn't win the elections.
2. You won't pass the test if / unless / whether you study.
3. It was so / such / too a difficult question that they couldn't explain.
4. The show is interesting too / so interesting / interesting enough for us to see.
5. They are so poor / such poor / poor enough that they can't buy a bike.
6. The lesson is difficult enough / so difficult / too difficult for me to understand.
7. We understood him because of / despite / though / because he spoke very fast.
8. Due to / In order to / In spite of heavy traffic on the motorway, we couldn't make it in time.
Exercise 2. Find and correct one mistake in each sentence.
1. She gets up early in order to is on time for work.
• ______________________________________________________________
2. Despite the water was cold, we still went swimming.
• ______________________________________________________________
3. Jerry had a bad headache yesterday, but he couldn't come to football practice.
• ______________________________________________________________
4. They arrived in time for the meeting despite have to travel in bad weather.
• ______________________________________________________________
5. Because Samantha was tired, she watched TV until well after midnight.
• ______________________________________________________________
Exercise 3. Fill in the gaps in the text with words from the list.
We were the greatest fans of Daft Rockers; (1) ______ we were really looking forward to going to their concert. It had been announced that it would probably be the band's last concert. (2) ______, thousands of people had bought their tickets online much in advance, so they wouldn't miss the opportunity. We bought our tickets and extra tickets in case some of our friends also wanted to go. Nothing could go wrong, or so we thought. (3) ______, a terrible storm hit the city two hours before the concert. The concert had been canceled (4) ______ adverse weather conditions. We were in shock. We quickly went online (5) ______ see when the show was rescheduled. The organizers had announced that all the people with a ticket could contact their ticket seller (6) ______ to get a refund. (7) ______ they didn't inform us of a new date for the concert, we were sure that it had been permanently canceled, (8) ______ we decided to ask for a refund. When we got our money back, we read that the concert had been rescheduled for the following weekend. We immediately decided to rebuy the tickets. (9) ______ we did it as soon as we read the news, we were too late; the tickets were sold out.
Exercise 4. Rewrite the sentences using the words given in the brackets.
1. If you don't take care of these shoes, they won't last for long. (unless)
• ____________________________________________________________
2. Although I knew the area very well, I got lost. (despite)
• ____________________________________________________________
3. She can sing. She is not a singer. (although)
• ____________________________________________________________
4. She is tall. She plays football very well. (because)
• ____________________________________________________________
5. In spite of her injured feet, she managed to get home before dark. (although)
• ____________________________________________________________
6. We were unable to get funding. We had to abandon the project. (so)
• ____________________________________________________________
7. We didn't go fishing because of her mother's sickness. (because)
• ____________________________________________________________
8. You'd better not buy this computer. (if)
• ____________________________________________________________
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