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Ngày gửi: 10h:16' 05-08-2017
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Exercise 1: Complete the sentences, using the appropriate forms of the verb in the box.


1. Mr. White didn’t have any money, so he decided ______________ a job.
2. The teacher reminded the students ______________ their assignments in time.
3. My group leader expects me______________ this paper as soon as possible.
4. Our teacher encourages us ______________ a dictionary whenever we are unsure of the meaning of a word.
5. Before I went away to college, my mother remind me______________ her a letter once a week.
6. Mrs. Snow has warned her young children not ______________ the hot stove.
7. The student on the corner pretended ______________ the answers to the teacher’s questions.
8. Residents are not allowed ______________ pets in that apartment building.
9. All applicants are required ______________ the entrance examination.
10. Ann advised her sisters______________ the plane instead of driving to San Francisco.
Exercise 2: Complete the sentences using the appropriate form of the verbs in the box.
find out


1. I was glad ______________ a present from my old closest friend.
2. I was relieved ______________ that I had passed the exam.
3. The jet pilot was very lucky ______________ alive after the plane crash.
4. The children were anxious ______________ to the circus.
5. Sunny didn’t feel like going anywhere. She was content ___________ at home and ____________ a book.
6. The teacher is always willing______________ the students.
7. The students are motivated ______________ English.
8. Jessica was hesitant ______________ home alone on the dark street.
9. I was surprised ______________ Mr. Jay at the meeting.
10. We were very sorry______________ the bad news about the collapse of the bridge.
Exercise 3: Complete the sentences in the following paragraph with verb + infinitive. Use two verbs in the parentheses in the correct order. The first is done for you as an example.
Do you (take / know / how) know how to take care of an accident victim? Suppose that a car hits a child and the child is lying in the street. What do you do? Well, first of all, don’t (move / try) _________________the victim. You (ought, stay) ______________with him or her while people calls for help.
You (check / need) ______________the child’ pulse first. If there is no pulse, (do / begin) ____________CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately). Sometimes there is a pulse, but the victim is not breathing. In that case, you’ll (have / perform) __________mouth to-mouth resuscitation (artificial respiration). If the child is conscious, he or she may (start, get) _________upset. You’ll (calm / want) ___________him or her. (Promise / stay)______________with the victim, and (continue / take) _________________care of the injured child until the ambulance arrives.
Exercise 4: Put the words in the correct order to have complete sentences Use the verbs in their appropriate infinitive or –ing forms.
( Example: manager/see/ now/ want/ I / the. -> I want to see the manager now.
1. Children/ buy/ often/ comics and sweet/ want/ their parents/ them.
2. their patients/ high in fats/ eat/ Many doctors/ avoid/ advise/ food.
3. stay/ like/ home/don’t/ all / weekend/ I
4. exercise/ experts/remind/ once/ us/ day/ to Health/ regularly/ every
5. The/ parking attendant/ for free/ didn’t/ allow/ the/ park/ woman.
6. brothers/ together/ to live/ We/ /must/ as.
7. children/ spend/ time/ I’d like / with/ the/ more/ hopeless/ enjoy.
8. We/ get up/ for/ don’t/ than/ earlier/ usual/ work/ mind.
9. mountainous/ new/ I /areas/ decided/ branches/ in/open.
10. Why/ suggestions/ don’t /instead of / make/ some/ complain/ you?
11. It’s/ careful/ plans/ necessary/ make.
12. English/ studies/ better/ have/a/ She/ job/chance/ of get/ good/ a.
13. summer/ said/ i’d/ go/this/like. (
14. my leg/
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