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Ngày gửi: 23h:43' 26-07-2022
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A. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
1. He is used to------------ up early in the morning.
A. get B. getting C. have gotten D. got
2. The boy was kept indoors----------- naughty.
A. to be B. have been C. for being D. when he
3. I shall never forget-----------with you to Paris last year.
A. staying B. to staying C. to stay D. stayed
4. I am looking forward to -----------you.
A. having seen B. seeing C. to see D. all are wrong
5. I am always remember------------ off the lights before I leave my house.
A. turning B. to turn C. turned D. being turned
6. I can remember---------- very proud and happy when I graduated.
A. to be B. being C. be D. been
7. Did you remember------------ Jack my message?
A. have given B. be given C. giving D. to give
8. What did you forget------------ before you left for class this morning?
A. to do B. doing C. have done D. being done
9. Don't forget------------ your homework tonight!
A. doing B. to do C. to be done D. having done
10. It's important--------------.
A. not worrying B. not worry C. to not worry D. not to worry
11. That book isn't worth-----------.
A. read B. reading C. being read D. to read
12. It's no good---------- him the truth now.
A. to tell B. tell C. telling D. not to tell
13. It's no use------------ you didn't know.
A. pretending B. pretend C. to pretend D. pretended
14. When I'm on holiday, I enjoy----------- to get up early.
A. not have B. not having C. having not D. not to have
15. Sorry ----------- you waiting so long.
A. to keep B. have kept C. keeping D. to keeping
16. That's all right. I don't mind------------ waiting.
A. have kept B. having kept C. be kept D. being kept
17. She admitted---------- the money.
A. stolen B. be stealing C. have stolen D. having stolen
18. Would you mind----------- the door?
A. close B. have closed C. closing D. to close
19. William suggested---------- to the cinema.
A. to go B. gone C. go D. going
20. Your shoes need------------.
A. to be cleaned B. cleaning C. to clean D. A&B are correct
21. Our house wants------------.
A. to be decorated B. decorating C. to decorate D. A&B are correct
22. How about --------- a drink?
A. to have B. having C. have D. have had
23. I suggest---------- at home for a change.
A. staying B. to stay C. having stayed D. stay
24. Do you consider---------- our friends on Sunday?
A. to invite B. invite C. inviting D. have invited
25. Would you mind ------------ me a hand?
A. to give B. have given C. give D. giving
26. We escaped----------- to the meeting.
A. have been asked B. to be asked C. being asked D. be asked
27. Why did she avoid----------you?
A. to have met B. meeting C. to meet D. being met
28. I prefer----------- to------------.
A. walking-cycle B. walk-cycle C. walking-cycling D. to walk-cycling
29. I ran ten kilometers without-----------.
A. stop B. stopping C. stopped D. be stopping
30. He is quite used to -----------.
A. work hard B. hardly working C. work hard D. working hard
31. I strongly objected to----------- a fee for using my credit card.
A. be charged B. charge C. be charging D. being charged
32. We should avoid ----------- our environment.
A. to pollute B. polluted C. polluting D. being polluted
33. Do you consider---------- another job?
A. to get B. to have got C. get D. getting
34. Nobody will approve of your----------- that way.
A. have behaved B. behaving C. having to behave D. behave
35. The tender plants need----------- against the cold weather.
A. protecting B. to protect C. protection D. A&C are correct
36. ---------- natural resources is of great importance.
A. Be preserve B. Preserving C. Preserved D. Presevered
37. The exam is coming, so the teachers make their students--------- a lot.
A. working B. worked C. to work D. work
38. Her parents want her--------- a doctor.
A. to become B. become C. to becoming D. becoming
39. It is kind of you -----------me the direction.
A. giving B. give C. to give D. gives
40. The teacher never lets us ----------out when-----------.
A. to go- explains B. go-explaining C. go-to explain D. gone-explained
41. Whenever I see an action film ,I feel my heart----------- strongly.
A. thump B. to thump C. be thumped D. being thumped
42. These employees are made----------- overtime.
A. work B. to work C. working D. worked
43. I think he is not reliable enough-----------our bussiness.
A. to inform B. informing C. to be informed D. being informed
44. He advised me --------the facts before I made a decision------- the job.
A. considering-accept B. to consider- accepting
C. to consider- accept D. to consider-to accept
45. Look! Do you see an insect---------- on your foot.
A. to crawling B. crawl C. to crawl D. crawled
46. They spent two months------------- their house.
A. renew B. renewed C. renewing D. to renew
47. Their company was made---------100,000 USD in taxes.
A. paying B. to pay C. pay D. paid
48. We don't have enough time--------- the essay so we asked the teacher for a delay.
A. wrote B. writing C. to write D. written
49. I caught her---------- my diary.
A. reading B. read C. to read D. have read
50. -----------, Mrs Pike took the baby in her arms.
A. To smile happily B. Smiled happily
C. smiling happily D. as soon as smiling happily
51. These workers stopped-------- some coffee because they felt sleepy.
A. to have B. have C. having D. had
52. Due to having a lot of things----------- last night,we missed----------- the film.
A. for doing/to see B. done/saw C. doing/see D. to do/seeing
53. I want to travel because I enjoy---------- people and---------new places.
A. meet/see B. meeting/seeing C. meeting/to see D. to meet/to see
54. The council considers----------vehicles from the city center to relieve traffic jams and air pollution.
A. ban B. banning C. banned D. to banning
55. He risked -------- his house when his company went bankrupt.
A. lose B. to lose C. losing D. lost
56. Did you notice someone---------the room last night?
A. enter B. to enter C. entered D. entering

57. Loyalty is considered---------- one of the important qualities for true friendship.
A. being B. been C. to be D. be
58. Those tourists were too tired----------their journey.
A. continue B. to continue C. continuing D. continued
59. His doctor advised him---------,but he found it impossible--------- his habit.
A. stopped smoking/quit B. to stop to smoke/quitting
C. stopping smoking/for quitting D. to stop smoking/to quit
60. It takes three hours----------- to Paris.
A. getting B. get C. got D. to get
61. They are whispering to avoid---------- by their friends.
A. being heard B. hearing C. to be heard D. being hearing
62. I remember--------- my mother said the carpets needed----------.
A. to hear/to clean B. to hear/cleaning C. hearing /cleaning D. hearing/to clean
63. Would you like---------- me some tea?
A. make B. making C. made D. to make
64. They reminded me---------- late.
A. to not come B. not coming C. not to come D. to come not
65. The police let him ---------- after they had asked him some questions.
A. to leave B. leave C. leaving D. left
66. Would you mind---------- me your pocket calculator?
A. lend B. to lend C. lending D. lent
67. Despite--------- very rich, she is often generous to the poor.
A. is not B. not being C. not to be D. is not
68. She wanted-------- home but the boss made her---------- until she finished-------- those contracts.
A. to go/stay/typing B. going/to stay/to type C. to go/staying/type D. go/stay/typed
69. John suggested----------- to the new branch in Vietnam.
A. appointing B. being appointed C. to appoint D. to be appointed
70. Peter is not used to--------in front of the public. He often feels too nervous-----------anything.
A. speak/to say B. speak/saying C. spoken/for saying D. speaking/to say
71. Sorry. I forgot---------- this floppy disk to him.
A. give B. to give C. giving D. gives
72. I hate-----------.
A. to keep waiting B. to be kept waiting C. being kept waiting D. keep to wait
73. Everyone likes--------- when they have got some success.
A. to congratulate B. to be congratulate C. to be congratulating D. being congratulated
74. She expected-------- soon,but things seem---------wrong.
A. promoting/going B. being promoted/to go
C. to be promoted/to go D. to promote/going
75. It is not worth--------- that computer. You had better--------- a new one.
A. to repair/to buy B. repairing/buy C. repairing/buying D. repair/buy
76. ---------- farmers ---------- in the fields.
A. Watching/works B. Watch/work C. Watching/to work D. Watch/working
77. People didn't let him -------- into the room. He was made---------- outside.
A. to come/wait B. come/to wait C. coming/waiting D. come/wait
78. They will have some workers---------their house.
A. redecorate B. to redecorate C. redecorating D. redecorated
79. He warned ---------anything.
A. not to touch B. me to not touch C. me not to touch D. not touching
80. They all denied-------- her.
A. ever having seen B. of seeing C. having ever seen D. to see
81. I tried----------- the window, but it seems not to work.
A. open B. to open C. opening D. opened
82. I used to---------- outdoors.
A. work B. to work C. working D. worked
83. I look forward to--------- home next week.
A. go B. going C. gone D. having gone
84. They made a decision----------- the city.
A. leaving B. leave C. to leave D. left

85. It's very good of you---------- me how to start this engine.
A. show B. showing C. to show D. shown
86. I'm used to ---------a glass of water before-------- to bed.
A. drink/going B. drinking/go C. drink/to go D. drinking/going
87. It's no use----------- him-------------part in the competition.
A. persuade/to take B. persuading/to take C. persuade/taking D. to persuade/take
88. I suggested--------a suit and tie when we went to the interview.
A. to wear B. wear C. worn D. wearing
89. Let the boy---------- it himself before you offer to help.
A. try B. to try C. trying D. tries
90. We regret------- you that you haven't been selected for the post of senior manager.
A. informing B. inform C. informed D. to inform
91. I don't enjoy ----------- at by other people.
A. to laugh B. to be laughed C. being laughed D. laughing
92. Ted managed------------ my mind.
A. to change B. changing C. having changed D. change
93. I can't afford----------- a new car.
A. buying B. to buy C. bought D. buy
94. Julie finally admitted---------- responsible for the problem.
A. to be B. been C. being D. be
95. She keeps----------to visit us ,but she never does.
A. to promise B. promise C. promises D. promising
96. He didn't permit them----------- through the military zone. He forced them---------another way.
A. going/to go B. to go/to go C. to go/going D. go/go
97. He doesn't allow--------- in his house.
A. smoke B. to smoke C. to be smoking D. smoking

B. Identify the word or phrase that needs correcting.
98. Hellen borrowed my dictionary for look up the spelling of “occurrence”.
99. The teacher opened the windows for getting some fresh air in the room.
100. I need getting a part-time job to earn some money for my school expenses.
101. My mother made me to promise to write them once a week.
102. To learn about another country it is very interesting.
103. Most students want return home as soon as possible.
104. When I went to shopping, I saw a man to drive his car onto the sidewalk.
105. I asked my classmate to let me to use his shoes.
106. I am looking forward to go to swim in the ocean.
107. I had the operator to put the call through for me.
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