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I. Listen and tick the box. (1.0pt)

II. Listen and write the words in the blank numbered. There is one example(1.0pt)
New street school library

Full name:
Favorite books :
How many books:
Sarah Fanner
(2) Mrs ________________________


Choose the best answer (circle A, B, or C) to complete the sentence. (2.0pts)
1.You have a problem with your classmates at school and you don’t know who to talk to. You may feel ______.
A. worried B.delighted C. calm
2. Nam didn’t know ___________ to find more information about the course.
A.what B.why C.where
3. He asked ___________ it was too early to apply for the course.
A.if B. A,C are correct C. whether
4. If you like, I can _____________ flowers on the cushion covers for you.
A.grow B.make C.embroider
5. People who do skilled work, making things with their hands are called________
A. workers B. artisans C. tourists
6. If you have good________you can find it easy to recognize and control your feelings and cope with negative emotions.
A. housekeeping skills B. emotion control skills C. self-care skills
7. In my village, people ________________ weaving bamboo baskets.
A. live on B. turn on C. live in
8. The weather is __________________today than yesterday.
A. much better B. very better C. more good
9. “I’m not sure what to do this weekend. Any ideas?” - “………………”
A. Why don’t we go to the concert? B. You will go to the concert, perhaps?
C. Do you go to the concert?
10. They said that he didn’t come to the meeting.
A. “I have come to the meeting” , they said.
B. “He didn’t came to the meeting ” , they said.
C. “He doesn’t come to the meeting”, said they
I. Which notice (A - H) says this (1 - 5)? For questions 1 - 5, write the correct letter A - H next to the number. (1.5pts)
1. You cannot drive here today.
2. This is only for young people.
3. You and your friend can eat cheaply here.
4. You must use the stairs.
5. You cannot walk here.

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

II. Read the following passage then circle the best answers for the questions. (1,5pts)
I’ve  been working with teenagers for five years. I’ve spent time talking to them besides teaching them English. I remember once I asked them   whether their parents or classmates had more influence on their success at school.  Some said their parents had  greatest influence on their achievement. The reason given was that parents usually loved their offspring unconditionally, and they definitely would do their best to help and support their children. For instance, parents could do all the housework so that their children could have time for studying. However, some students revealed that their parents were too busy to spend time with them. Therefore, it was difficult for parents to help their children. In this case, classmates or friends affected their success most because they talked to them more and they helped each other to deal  with any difficulty in studying.
1. When did the writer start working with teenagers?
A. for 5 years B. 5 years ago C. 5 years
2. Which question did she ask them?
A. “Are your parents or classmates have influence on your success at school?”
B. “Did their parents or classmates had influence on their success at school?”
C. “ Do your parents or classmates have influence on your success at school?”
3.Do their parents play important role in their ạchievement ?
A. Yes, they do B. No they don’t C. Yes, they are
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