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* Good morning! My name’s …. and today I’d like to tell you about …



1/ Talk about your last holiday
Last year, I went to Nha Trang with my family.
It was wonderful and I had a lot of fun.
Nha Trang was beautiful. The people were friendly.
The food was delicious, but most things weren’t cheap. They were quite expensive. I visited Tri Nguyen Aquarium and I bought a lot of different gifts for my friends. I wasn’t tired after the trip. I had a great time.

2// Talk about your keeping personal hygiene

Every day, I get up at six.
Every morning, I do morning exercises.
I wash my face. I comb my hair. I wash my clothes. I eat breakfast, then brush my teeth and go to school.
Every afternoon, I play soccer/ volleyball/ badminton.
Every evening, I take a shower. I eat dinner. After dinner I brush my teeth. I do my homework and I go to bed at nine thirty.

3// Talk about your medical check-up

Last month, I had a medical check – up.
First, the nurse took my temperature. It was normal – 37 degrees Celsius.
Then, she weighed me. I was 40 kilos.
Next she measured me. I was one meter 50 centimeters.
After that, she checked my eyes and my ears. They were fine.
Finally, I went to the waiting room to see the doctor.

4/ / Talk about your favorite sports

I like soccer.
I often play soccer with my friends.
We often play it in the school yard every Thursday.
We don’t play soccer well, but we have a lot of fun playing together.

5// Talk about your free time fun

I like reading comics.
I often read comics in my free time.
I often borrow comics from my library and read them at home.
I give them back to the library after finishing them.
I feel very relaxed after reading comics.





1/ My holiday
a/ How did you go there?
b/ How long did it take you there by bus?
c/ What did you eat there?
a/ I went there by bus.
b/ It took me three hours to get there.
c/ I ate seafood/ …

2/ My keeping personal hygiene
a/ Do you often get up at six?
b/ Do you often stay up late or go to bed early?
c/ Do you take a bath late in the evening? Why?
a/ Yes, I often get up at six.
b/ I often go to bed early.
c/ No, I don’t. Because I am often sick.

3/ My medical check-up

a/ Did the nurse listen to your heard?
b/ How often do you have a medical check – up?
c/ Which hospital do you go there?
d/ Are the nurses and the doctors kind?
e/ What advice do they give you at the end? Make two lists.

a/ Yes, she did.
b/ I have a medical check – up once a year.
c/ I often go to Tay Ninh Hospital.
d/ Yes, they are kind.
e/ They give me some good advice.
I should eat well, eat more vegetables, and fruit.
I should drink a lot of water.
I shouldn’t drink soft drinks too much and not forget to exercise.

4/ My favorite sports

a/ Do you like swimming? Why?
b/ How do you swim?
c/ Where did you learn how to swim? *Who taught you how to swim?
a/ Yes, I do. Because I can swim. It is fun. And I think it can make me taller.
b/ I swim well/ badly.
c/ My brother taught me how to swim.

5/ My free time

a/ Why do you like it?
b/ What kind of TV programs do you like to watch? Why?
a/ It is fun and inexpensive.
b/ I like to watch cartoons. They are fun and I learn a lot from the characters. They are wonderful, helpful, hard – working. I admire them a lot. And I work hard like them.

English 7 - Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi.
What is the matter with you?
What ………………………………………………………………………………..
How tall is the Big Ben Clock Tower?
What ………………………………………………………………………………
What is your son’s weight?
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