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12099162 Kính chào các thầy, cô. Khi cài đặt phần mềm , trên PowerPoint và Word sẽ mặc định xuất hiện menu Bộ công cụ Violet để thầy, cô có thể sử dụng các tính năng đặc biệt của phần mềm ngay trên PowerPoint và Word. Tuy nhiên sau khi cài đặt phần mềm , với nhiều máy tính sẽ...
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Người gửi: Ngô Thời Nhiệm
Ngày gửi: 17h:30' 31-05-2022
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Choose the best answer
1.The teacher has repeatedly reminded him_________ it.
A. of B. for C. with D. to
2.A ship can be seen_________ .
A.on the distance B. in the distance
C.on the distanse D. in the distanse
3.He is very polite_________ the stranger with a smile _________his face.
A. for, on B. at, in C. for, at D. to, on
4.He never found the book _________ which he longed.
A. for B. to C. at D. in
5.There is a ladder leaning _________the wall.
A. on B. in C. against D. for
6. He impressed_______ his mind the words his father said to him that day.
A. in B. on C. at D. of
7.This problem is now_________ consideration.
A. on B. for C. under D. of
8. Look this document ______ carefully before you sign it.
A. up B. on C. at D. over
9.The children are all_________ beautiful clothes on New Year`s Day.
A. in B. on C. of D. by
10.You are the right man_________ the job.
A. for B. of C. on D. in
11. The road and the railway are paralled_________ each other.
A. to B. from C. by D. on
13.He said he didn`t like any other coat _________this one.
A. besides B. beside C. but D. for
14. We all _________our school.
A. take proud of B. have pride of C. take pride in D. feel proud in
15.Peter is not often late ______ class; nor is he ever absent ______ school.
A. for, for B. from, from C. for, from D. from, for
16.They work from nine to five, _________only half an hour_________ lunch.
A. with, to B. with, for C. for, at D. for, for
17.Instead of walking, he went home _________a No. 42 bus.
A. by B. for C. up D. on
18.Here are the keys _________the problems _________your reference.
A. of, on B. of, by C. to, for D. to, by
19.When I looked out to sea, there was not a ship _________sight.
A. at B. within C. into D. by
20.I wonder why he suddenly changed his point of view ________this event
A. in B. for C. to D. on
21.The man I _________ yesterday is Mr. Baker.
A. paid a visit B. had a talk C. dropped in D. came across
22.A tunnel will _________ Britain _________France.
A. join, to B. connect, to C. take, to D. tie, with
23. ______the whole, his composition is ______ me.
A. On / dissatisfactory for B. On/ unsatisfactory to
C. In / dissatisfied to D. In / unsatisfactory for
24. John was ________ the danger until he saw the car running towards him.
A.not conscious B.not conscious that C.not conscious of D.conscious that
25. ______ all the difficulties, John managed to finish his higher education.
A. With B. In spite of C. Although D. Even with
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