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Đề thi HK1 (2020-2021) Tiếng Anh 6

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THE FIRST SEMESTER (2020 – 2021)



I. Listen and fill ONE word in each blank. (1pt) {Unit 3 – C1 – Track 24 – Page 38}
This is my family. We are in our living room. There are four (1) _____ in my family: my father, my (2) _____, my brother and me. This is my father. He is (3) _____. He is an engineer. This is my mother. She is thirty-five. She is a (4) _____. My brother is eight. He is a student.

II. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best fits the space in each sentence. (2.5pts)
They play soccer in the ______ every Sunday. A. museum B. hospital C. stadium D. factory
A paddy field is arice ______. A. yard B. garden C. paddy D. park
Our house is next ______ the park. A. to B. opposite C. between D. behind
We have Maths______ Tuesday and Friday. A. at B. on C. in D. from
My father usually _______ a shower in the morning. A. takes B. take C. do D. does
Miley _______ at six every morning. A. have B. do C. has D. drinks
Tommy: Where do you live? – Sarah: “______.” A. I live in Le Loi Street B. I live on Le Loi Street C. I live Le Loi Street D. I live at Le Loi Street
How old are you? - _______. A. I’m fine B. I’m five C. Five years D. I’m five years
Choose the best phrase or sentence (A, B, C, or D) to identify the following signs:
What does this sign say?
 What does this sign say? In Covid time.

A. Turn left.
B. Turn right.
C. Don’t turn left.
D. Don’t turn right.

A. Cover your mouth.
B. Don’t wash your hands.
C. Wash your hands often.
D. Cover your nose.

05. _________
06. _________
07. _________
08. _________
09. _________

10. _________
11. _________
12. _________
13. _________
14. _________

III. Read and fill in the blanks with ONE word given in the box. There is ONE extra word you don’t need to use. (1.0 pt)
books– apartment–up– house– for

Emma comes from Australia and now she lives in an (15) _____ on Vo Van Kiet Street with her parents and brother.
On weekdays, from Monday to Friday, Emma gets up at six fifty. She finishes school at three thirty. When she gets home, she often helps her mother to prepare dinner in the kitchen. After dinner she usually watches TV (16) _____ thirty minutes. Then she does the housework or reads (17) _____ in her room.
On the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, she often gets (18) _____ late, goes out for breakfast and goes shopping with her family. She plays badminton with her friends in the afternoon. She says that she likes Ho Chi Minh City because the people are friendly.
15. _____________
16. _____________
17. _____________
18. _____________

IV. Read the passage carefully and then do the tasks below. (1.5 pt)
Christmas is a public holiday in many countries around the world. It’s on December 25th. People decorate Christmas trees and their houses before Christmas. They give and send Christmas cards to their friends and family members during the week before Christmas. On Christmas Day, they give gifts to their friends and family. They have a special meal, eat Christmas pudding and fruit cake with their family.
A. Read the passage carefully, decide whether the statements are True or False.
Christmas isn’t a public holiday in many countries.
Christmas ison December 25th.
People decorate their Christmas trees after Christmas.
People don’t give cards to their friends and family.
B. Choose the correct answers (A, B, C or D) for the questions.
What is the passage mainly about? A. Christmas trees B. Christmas cards C. Christmas D. Christmas cakes
People give presents to their ______ and family. A. mom
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