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Người gửi: Trương Công Thu
Ngày gửi: 22h:07' 21-10-2018
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Week/Period 27/78 TEST (3) (Luu 2015-2016)
Date: 12/3/2016 Allotted 45 minutes

I/ Objectives:
Help the Ss to review vocabulary and structures of unit 7,8 and 9.Estimate Ss’ knowledge.
II/ Language content:
- The present simple tense, past simple tense
-The sounds / e / and / eɪ/, conjunctions: Although, despite/ in spite of, however, and nevertheless.
Stress on 1st syllable: gather, picture, artist, lovely, famous
Stress on 2nd syllable: relax, enjoy, hotel, describe, rename.
-Use “it” for distances, use “ used to” to talk about past habit or state.
- Use the lexical items related to the topic “Traffic”. Pronounce sounds /e/, /ei/ correctly in isolation and in context.
-Know some words, phrases related to traffic topic. The usage of “How” to ask about means of transport.
-Use although, despite, and in spite of to express contrast between two prices of information in the same sentence. Use however and nevertheless to express contrast between two sentences.
- Use the lexical items related to the topic “Films”. Know the meaning and how to use –ed and –ing adjectives. Pronounce correctly the –ed ending in verbs.
- Ask and answer questions about festivals.
-Review H/ Wh questions and use adverbial phrases.
-Use the lexical items related to the topic “ Festivals around the world” and read for specific information about an unusual festival.
-Review the pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar that they have learnt from unit 7 to unit 9.
III/ Steps:
- Arrangement. - Giving papers. - Observing students doing the test. - Collecting papers.
IV/ Time: 45’
V/ Homework:
-Prepare for test correction.





I. Listen to a music festival and tick (√) true ( T ) or false (F) (1.2pts)


The Isle of Wight is the most well-known festival in the world

About 60,000 people attended the festival last year

Nick and his family stayed at a hotel near the campsite

Jon Bon Jovi is Nick’s favourite singer

II. Listen to a music festival again and then answer the questions (1.2 pts)
1. When does the festival take place?
2. What is The Killer?
3. How did Jon Bon Jovi interest the audience?
4. What did they do there?
B. USE OF ENGLISH (2.2 pts)
I. Choose the word that has the underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.(0.4pt)
1. A. healthy B. ahead C. bread D. seatbelt
2. A. played B. closed C. filled D. needed
II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others. (0.2 pt)
1. A. traffic B. agree C. noisy D. student
III. Choose the best answer by circling A, B, C or D: (1.2pts)
1. Mai used to ________ morning exercise when she was a girl.
A. did B. does C. doing D. do
2. Traffic accidents can be prevented if everyone __________ the rules.
A. remember B. obey C. go after D. take care of
3. People should look right and left when they go________the road.
A. down B. across C. up D. along
4. The play was so boring. ________, Hoa saw it from beginning to end.
A. Therefore B. Despite C. However D. Although
5. ____________ being frightened by the images, Lan still liked the film so much.
A. In spite B. Despite C. Although D. Nevertheless
6. ____________ is La Tomatina celebrated? – Every August.
A. Where B. Why C. When D. Which
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