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Người gửi: Nguyễn Hoài Nhật Thủy
Ngày gửi: 12h:22' 08-03-2022
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Số lượt tải: 565
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Chu Van An Secondary school
Subject: English 8
Duration: 60 minutes
(Không tính thời gian phát đề)


Teacher’s remark:

I. PHONETICS: (1.0pt)
A. Choose the word that underlined part is different from the others. (0.5pt)
1. A. couch B. house C. cough D. ground
2. A. cut B. surf C. hunt D. study
B. Choose the word that has different stress pattern. (0.5pt)
3. A. accent B. station C. legend D. unique
4. A. television B. entertainment C. information D. education
Choose A, B, C or D that is the best fit for each sentence.
5. A ______ is something we do that is special and is passed down through the generations.
A. custom B. tradition C. story D. manner
6. Which is not correct?
Co Tu people love to share with guests about their live and tradition.
7. The xoe dance is a ______dance of the Thai people.
A. physical B. traditional C. material D. practical
8. Lac Long Quan missed his life in the sea, ______ he took 50 sons back there.
A. so B. as C. because D. therefore
9. The Le Mat Festival ______ the founding of the village.
A. worships B. commemorates C. performs D. preserves
10. The Christian Festival of Easter celebrates the return of Christ from the dead. _____, the festival is actually named after the goddess of the sun.
A. Although B. If C. But D. However
11. Can you speak English ______? My English is not good.
A. more slowly B. slow C. quickly D. more quickly
12. You should ______ information about a custom or tradition.
A. finds B. found C. finding D. find
13. You _____use your mobile phone on the plane.
A. must B. have to C. don’t have to D. mustn’t
14. There’s a ______ in our family that we have a party on New Year’s Eve.
A. legend B. custom C. tradition D. belief
15. Which is not correct?
Xo Dang men are good at architecture, sculpting, and paint.
16. Tet is an occasion for family ______ in Viet Nam.
A. visitings B. meetings C. reunions D. seeings
17. ______ plays a more important role in a Jarai family? – Women do.
A. Why B. Who C. Which D. What
18. Most ethnic minorities live in ______areas.
A. mountainous B. rural C. urban D. modern
19. Among the ethnic minorities, ________Tay have the largest population.
A. a B. an C. the D. any
20. My family ______the traditions of cooking sticky rice on the first day of a lunar month.
A. follows B. allows C. discovers D. advises
III. READING: (3.0pts)
A. Choose one suitable word (A, B, C or D) to complete the passage. (1.5pts)
Tet is the biggest festival in Vietnam. To (21) _______ Tet, Vietnamese people make many tasty (22) _______ foods. The most important food includes Chung cakes, sausages, boiled chicken, spring rolls, and sticky rice. Chung cake is made of sticky rice, pork, green beans, and other spices, wrapped in green leaves; (23) _______, this cake needs a lot of preparation . This cake can be kept for a long time, even though the weather is often humid during Tet. Other significant foods that (24) _______ be missed to worship the ancestors are sausages, spring rolls, and sticky rice. Because sausages are difficult to make, people often buy them from famous suppliers. However, sticky rice and spring rolls are easier to prepare and must be (25) _______ immediately after they are cooked, so they are often made at home. There’s a tradition that the whole family gets together for the (
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