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Review term 2 English 8
Question 1:
1. A. wanted B. washed C. danced D. watched
2. A. goes B. watches C. misses D. brushes
3.A. looked
B. laughed
C. decided
D. watched

4.A. question
B. tradition
C. exhibition
D. action

5.A. diverse
B. crime
C. high - speed
D. illegal

6. A. vehicle                B. behaviour                C. exhibition                D. homeless
7. A. untidy                 B. visual                      C. surprise                 D. environment
8. A. volcano               B. violent                    C. technology              D. property

Question 2: Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences:(3pts)
1. ___________ occurs when two people look at each other’s eyes at the same time.
A. Chatting B. Conversation C.Eye contact D. Talking
2. ___________ are websites where users can freely type to communicate with one another in real time.
A. Chat roomsB.Message boards C. F2F meetings D. Video Conferences
3. In the future, people will communicate brain-to-brain, using___________.
A. messengerB. blog C. holography D. telepathy
4. Let’s meet at ten o’clock tomorrow. - Sorry, I__________ at ten o’clock.
A. am working B. am going to work C. will be working D. will be work
5. Many flights were cancelled ________ the smoke from forest fires.
A. so B. because C. result inD. because of
6. Mr Lan said that he __________Ha long the following day.
A. would visit B. will visit C. visited D. visits
7. By the time we got to the cinema ,the film ______________ .
A. had started B. started C. starting D. starts
8. If I _____ you , I wouldn’t stay up too late to play video games
A. am B. were C. been D. liked
9. She decided ________that house for me on my birthday .
A. buying buy C. buy D. bought
10. She asked me how many students ______ in my class ?
A. there was B. there were C.werethereD.was there
11. I ………………….. marbles when I was young, but now I don’t.
A.used to play C. used to played B. have played D. didn’t use to play
12. Let’s go to the Victor Cinema. I’m sure you’ll find the film ……………..
A. excites B. excite C. excited D. exciting
13. We were …………………. with the latest film of that director.
A. satisfied B. satisfactory C. satisfying D. satisfy
14. Not many people went to see the film; ……, it received good reviews from critics.
A. although B. but C. despite D. however
15. He enjoys…………… in the zoo on Sundays.
A. walk B. walking C. to walk D. to walking
16 .Her house is more beautiful than …………………
A. I B. my C. mine D. of mine
17. Students have …………. days off than workers .
A. less B. few C. more D. many
18. You have never been to Dalat, ……………….?
A. have you B. haven’t you C. don’t you D. do you
19. If you can speak English, you __________ able to go to Canada.
A. will be                    B. will                         C. were                        D. are
20. The road in front of my office is always __________ when it rains heavily.
A. to flood                  B. flooding                  C. flood                       D. flooded
21. The fire was raging so fiercely that the rescue workers found it hard to put it __________.
A. down                      B. out                          C. off                          D. with
22. After I __________ in the room, she had left.
A. come                       B. had come                C. came                       D. will come
23. This is one of the worst volcanic __________ in this year.
A. eruption                  B. erupt                       C. erupting                  D. eruptive
24. The roof of the building __________ in a storm a few days ago.
A. damaged                B. was damaged         C. has damaged          D. has been damaged
25. In some English speaking countries, turkey is __________food at Christmas.
A. national                  B. historical                 C. traditional               D. possible
26. If the factory _________ dumping poison into the lake, all
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