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GCSE 2017 412

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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 15h:38' 24-12-2017
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Bàithi: NGOẠI NGỮ; Mônthi: TIẾNG ANH
Thờigianlàmbài: 60 phút, khôngkểthờigianphátđề

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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 1. The higher the cost oflivingis, _______.
A. the harder the life of the immigrantsbecomes
B. the harder does the life of the immigrantsbecome
C. the hardest the life of the immigrantsbecomes
D. the life of the immigrants becomes theharder
Question2.You______ pass the exam in order to graduate from highschool.
A. might B. must C. may D. can
Question 3.Thedog______ my father gave me is verylovely.
A. which B. who C. where D. when
Question 4. During a job interview, candidates areadvisedto______ ontheinterviewer`squestions and make an effort to answer themproperly.
A. concentrate B. rely C. emphasize D. decide
Question 5. Peterboughta______ car as a present for his wife two weeksago.
A. red new German B. red German new C. new red German D. new German red
Question 6. Harmful environmentalfactors can______ the development of certaindiseases.
A. monitor B. accelerate C. produce D. generate
Question 7. There has been growing public concern about the use of chemicalsinfood______ recently.
A. protection B. conservation C. preservation D. reservation
Question 8. It is important forstudentsto______ full use of universityfacilities.
A. take B. make C. find D. do
Question 9. Thepaceof______ life is much slower in the country than in thecity.
A. a B. Ø C. an D. the
Question 10. A lot of research in medical sciencehasbeen______ to improve humanhealth.
A. made up B. given off C. taken up D. carried out
Question 11. The success of the company insucha______ market isremarkable.
A. compete B. competitive C. competitively D. competition
Question 12. Lastweek,we______ an interesting film about the animalworld.
A. are seeing B. saw C. see D. will see

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
Question 13. A. dance B. face C. hate D. make
Question 14. A. worked B. passed C. washed D. opened

MarktheletterA,B,C,orDonyouranswersheettoindicatethewordthatdiffersfromtheother three in the position of primary stress in each of the followingquestions.
Question 15. A. dangerous B. medical C. regular D. essential
Question 16. A. advice B. student C. doctor D. parent

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.
Question 17. Anna and Ms White are meeting in a bookshop.
Anna: "Good morning, Ms White. How are you?" Ms White:"Hi,Anna. ______. Andyou?"
A. I`m fine, thanks B. I`m looking for a book
C. I`m forty years old D. I`m not working today
Question 18. Andrew is talking to a waiter in a restaurant.
Andrew: "Can I have the bill, please?" Waiter:"______."
A. You are very kind B. My pleasure
C. Just a minute, please D. You`re exactly right

MarktheletterA,B,C,orDonyouranswersheettoindicatetheword(s)OPPOSITEinmeaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the followingquestions.
Question 19. The twin girls are so identicalthat I can`t distinguish one from the other.
A. different B. similar C. alike D. changeable
Question 20. If you are at a loose endtomorrow, why don`t we spend the day sunbathing and relaxing on the beach?
A. having a lot to gain B. having nothing to do
C. having nothing to lose D. having a lot to do

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on
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