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HAVE / GET something DONE

• You use have something done when you ask somebody else to carry out an action. You don`t do it by yourself:
- I had my hair dyed last week. (I didn`t dye it myself. Somebody else did that for me.)
• The verb that must change tense is have, whereas the verb expressing the action is always in the Past Participle. Here are a few examples with some of the main tenses:


Present Continuous
We`re having
the house
redecorated this week.

Present Perfect
I’ve just had
my hair
cut. [Do you like it?]

Past Simple
Why did you have
the fence
painted red?

Furure Simple
Will the City Council have
the streets
recovered next week?

* Have something done can also be used when you are the victim of an action that is against your will or damages you:
- I had my wallet stolen when I was at the gym.
- He had his nose broken during a fight outside a club.
* You can also use GET instead of HAVE in more informal situations:
- When did you get your nose pierced?
- She got her new dress stuck in the front door when getting off my car.

HAVE / MAKE / LET someone DO something

When asking someone to do something you can use:
* make when the person is obliged to do something or he/she can`t help doing it.
- The police made me sign afew documents. (I was obliged to do it)
- This song makes mefeel sad. (I can`t help feeling this way)
* let when the person is allowed to do something.
- Does yourfather let you use his car on Saturday nights? (are you allowed to use it?)
* have when you simply ask him/her to do something with no obligation or permission implied.
- I usually have my secretary fix my appointments for the week. (I ask her to do this for me)
( Make and Let can also be found in passive sentences. In this case their structure changes to:
* be made to + base form - The thieves were made to confess everything.
* be let to + base form - The children were let to run in the fields every afternoon.


I. Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verb in brackets using
have + object + past participle.
0. We have our bedrooms redecorated (redecorate) every two years.
1. Kate Middleton her wedding dress (design) by Sarah Burton.
2. you ever anything (steal) from your house?
3. I think we two pizzas (deliver) at home tonight.
4. I my hair (perm) tomorrow.
5. I can’t see well: I must my eyes (test).
6. We`re going to another garage (build) next to this for our son`s car.

II. Put a tick (√) in the box next to the correct alternative in each of these sentences.
1. Since I have very little time, once a week............
A. I have my flat cleaned.
B. I clean my flat.
2. Every time I have a shower I............
A. have my hair washed.
B. wash my hair.
3. There’s a repairman in the living room because............
A. we’re installing a new Internet connection.
B. we`re having a new Internet connection installed.
4. During the hailstorm lots of people............
A. damaged their cars.
B. got their cars damaged.
5. The police............
A. confiscated our passports.
B. had our passports confiscated
6. For my daughter`s graduation day............
A. I`m doing my hair.
B. I`m having my hair done.

III. Choose A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences.
1. I.......this T-shirt printed at the copy shop.
1. A. made B. got C .let D. have
2. She’ll.......the letter translated by a Chinese man.
A. have B. make C .got D. let
3. Lisa.......a lady clean the windows once a month.
A. gets B. lets C. has D. makes

4. This laugh every time I hear it.
A. lets B. has C. makes D. gets
5. You can.......the neighbour fix the vacuum
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