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1. In about 140-160 words, write a paragraph about how people in your family share household duties. (1.5 ms)
2. You are having trouble with your bad breath, stress, allergies or sleeplessness. Write a letter (about 60-80 words) to the food specialist for advice on diets to help you solve the problem. (1.5 ms)

Name: ______________________ 45-MINUTE TEST

PHONETICS (1 point) R
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:
1. A. hurry B. under C. pressure D. rush
2. A. chores B. chair C. child D. chef
II. Choose the word whose the main stress is placed differently from the others:
3. A. supportive B. confident C. excited D. expensive
4. A. problem B. attempt C. picture D. dinner
III. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences
1. I ______ Texas State University now.
A. am attending B. attend C. was attending D. attended
2. I think it __________, the sky is so cloudy.
A. is raining B. rains C. is going to rain D. will rain
3. The nurse _______ her parents every day.
A. visits B. is visiting C. will visit D. visited
4. “I have a terrible headache.” “...........................”
Maybe I’m not going to the doctor’s. B. Not very well. Thanks.
C. Maybe you should take a rest. D. Not bad. I’m going to the doctor’s.
5. “Do you want me to help you with those suitcases?” “...........................”
Of course, not for me. B. No, I can’t help you now.
C. No, those aren’t mine. D. No, I can manage them myself.
6. “Did you play tennis last weekend?” “...........................”
It’s my favourite sport. B. I worked. C. Do you like it? D. Would you like to come with me?
7. Food is broken down and converted into energy in the ……..system.
A. brain B. heart C. digestive D. skeletal
8. In my company, the director usually…….the responsibility for organizing meetings and conferences.
A. gets B. makes C. takes D. becomes
9. Being the breadwinner of the family,….
A. she’s a sociable woman. B. she works hard to provide for her children.
C. she looks after the children carefully. D. She manages the home and raises the children.
10. Blood is pumped through the……to bring oxygen to all parts of the body.
A. brain B. digestive C. skeletal D. heart
11. An: “What do you usually do on Sundays?” - Hue: “”…….”
A. I’d be sleeping all day B. I used to drive to work C. I’m not doing anything D. I usually sleep until noon
12. Every day, I…..up at 6 o’clock…..breakfast at 7 o’clock and ……for work at 8 o’clock.
A. have got - eating - leaving B. will get - have eaten - left C. get - eat – leave D. got - ate - left
13. The baby…… Don’t make so much noise.
A. sleeps B. is sleeping C. sleep D. slept
14. A letter ……………by Ann now.
A. wrote B. is being written C. writes D. is writing
15. “I’ve decided to repaint this room.” ~ “What colour ……
Á. are you going to paint B. you are going to paint C. you will paint D. will you paint
16. Being the eldest child in the family, I take…..a large share of housework.
A. on B. in C. off D. up
17. My father…..very busy at the present. He… time to go out.
A. often was - had rarely B. often is - rarely has C. is often - rarely has
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