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Unit 1. My New School

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Oanh
Ngày gửi: 22h:19' 21-08-2015
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Số lượt tải: 2358
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Bích)
( Write the name of these school things and these subjects
_____________ ______________ ______________ _____________

____________________ ________________ _______________


_________________ _______________ ______________ _____________

( Put one of these words in each blank.
play do have plays does has
We often ________________ hide – and – seek at break time.
Binh _______________ judo everyday so he is healthy.
My father ________________ breakfast at 6.30.
Nam often ________________ football with his friend after finishing class.
My sister and I ________________ her homework in the evening.
I _________________ English and Maths today.
Thao usually ___________________ the guitar in her free time.
Does Mrs Lam __________________ lunch with her friends?
They are healthy. They _______________ morning exercises in the morning.
My father often ___________________ the gardening at weekend
( Complete the passage, using the words in the box.
works students teachers grade they play

Nam and Tam are (1) __________________ at Hung Vuong Junior High School in Ha Noi. (2)_______________ go to a big school. Nam is in (3)________________ six and Tam is in grade 7. Nam’s father (4) _______________ in a factory. And Tam mother works in a hospital. Nam and Tam (5)________________ soccer after school.
( Put the verbs in present continuous tense or present simple tense.
1. I (do) ________________ my homework and my father (watch) _____________ TV now.
2. These boys often (play) _______________________ football at weekends.
3. Listen ! My son (sing) __________________ in his room.
4. Huong always (read) _____________________ books before going to bed
5. It (not, rain) _____________________ at the moment.
6.Tuan (not,play) _______________________ football every morning
7. I often (brush) _____________________ my teeth twice a day.
8. Hang ang Ha (ride) _________________ to school now.
9. __________ Nga (have) ___________________ a bath at present?
10. _______________ Hung (study) _________________ Maths, English on Mondays?
11. Thanh and Dat (play) _____________________ badminton now.
12. At present my mother (cook) _____________________ dinner and my father (wash) _______________ the car and I (listen) _____________________ to music.
( Điền “ do, don’t, does, doesn’t,is, isn’t, are, aren’t, am hoặc am not” vào những câu sau.
1. ____________ the students go to school every day?
2. _____________ Mr. Brown go to his office every day?
3. My sister __________ having breakfast now.
4. They ______________ want cream and sugar.
5. ____________ they happy ?
6. ______________ Mary come from South Africa?
7 ____________ they playing football.
8. Duy ______________ like his new school.
9. I _____________ want to be a singer.
10. I ____________ reading books now, I ____________ writing a letter.
11. __________ Lan and Hoa drawing pictures? No, they ______________.
( Choose the best answer.
1. She ___________ from England.
A. come B. comes C. don’t come D. goes
2. _____ she _____ French?
A. Do / speaks B. Does / speaks C. Does / speak D. Is / speak
3. She _____ _____ from America.
A. don’t comes B. doesn’t come C. doesn’t comes D. does comes
4. I _______________ a bath now. Wait me a minute.
A. have B. am have C. am having D. is having
5. Every time he _____ a glass of lemonade before breakfast.
A. is B. have C. has D. does
6. _____ he _____ three children?
A. Does / have B. Does / has C. Do / have D. Is / have
6. _____ a shower.
A) Come B) Go C) Have D) Has
7. He _____ television at the moment.
A) watch B) watches C) is watching D) is watch
8. __________ Huong 10 years old?
A) is B) are C) do D) does
9. My classmates _____ on picnic every month.
A.went B) goes C) going D) go
10. “_____ do you travel to school?” - “By bus.”
A) How B) What C) Why D) Where
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