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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 14h:03' 28-10-2021
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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
01. She has learned Chinese _______ she was 12 years old.
A. as B. because C. since D. when
02. _______ I finish working, I will have dinner.
A. When B. Where C. As D. As if
03. _______ she finishes the housework, she will go to school. 
A. When B. Seeing that C. As soon as D. As if
04. Someone ringed him _______ he was taking a shower.
A. as B. so that C. where D. when
05. _______ she got pregnant, Marry changed somehow. 
A. When B. So C. Before D. After
06. The Browns will go to the beach _______ their children finish studying.
A. since B. when C. where D. because of
07. _______ she came back to Australia, she went to the hospital. 
A. While B. When C. Just as D. By the time
08. Nam is motivated to study _______ he knows that a good education can improve his life.
A. so that B. therefore C. so D. because
09. I will stand here and wait for you _______ you come back.
A. because B. though C. so D. until
10. She didn’t walk home by herself _______ she knew that it was dangerous.
A. because of B. because C. despite D. although
11. She had butterflies in her stomach _______ having prepared carefully for the interview.
A. although B. due to C. despite D. because
12. The pop festival passed off peacefully _______ the fears of local residents.
A. because B. because of C. although D. despite
13. _______ his good work and manners, he didn’t get a promotion.
A. Because of B. In spite of C. Even though D. As a result of
14. _______ they do not have much experience, their applications have been approved.
A. Because B. Although C. Because of D. In spite of
15. Please hand in your essay by the 4th of July, _______ you will received an F.
A. although B. otherwise C. unless D. While
16. People should stop smoking _______ it is extremely detrimentaltohealth.
A.although B. despite C. because D.because of
17. _______ he had enough money, he could buy a new car.
A. In spite of B. Although C. Because of D. Because
18. I do not usually go shopping on Sunday _______ the stores are so crowded.
A. as B. though C. due to D. despite
19. _______ Nam and Trung are brothers, they do not look alike at all.
A. Although B. Because C. Despite D. In spite of
20. I heated my coffee in the microwave _______.
A. if it will be too cold B. because it was too cold
C. in case it has been too cold D. as long as it is too cold
21. Their plans were cancelled _______ of a bad storm.
A. in spite B. because C. instead D. in place
22. You should change your wet shoes, _______ you’ll catch cold
A. therefore B. or C. if D. unless
23. Hard _______ he tried, the second runner could not catch up with the first one.
A. as B. for C. so D. that
24. He was offered the job _______ his qualifications were poor.
A. despite B. in spite of C. even though D. Whereas
25. _______ the bad condition of the house, they enjoyed living there.
A. Although B. Because C. Because of D. In spite of
26. I couldn`t resist reading the book _______ I was very sleepy
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