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Người gửi: Võ Thị Ngọc Thanh
Ngày gửi: 18h:41' 20-06-2022
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1. My mother told me to do the ____ yesterday but I forgot about it since I had much homework to finish.
A. wash-up B. laundry C. childcare D. exercises
2. ____ the rubbish in the early morning is a part of my daily routine.
A. Taking out B. Coming out C. Pulling out D. Bringing out
3. My wife is going on her business next week so I have to ____ most of the chores around the house.
A. distribute B. hold C. take D. handle
4. Mr. Hoang found it difficult to be in charge of the household ____.
A. financial B. financially C. finances D. financier
5. ____ is a person who works at home and takes care of the house and family.
A. Breadwinner B. Homemaker C. Servant D. Houseman
6. When his wife gave birth to a baby boy, Mr. Nam became the sole ____.
A. housemaid B. housekeeper C. father D. breadwinner
7. My mother and I often go to the supermarket to shop for ____ at weekends.
A. cook B. groceries C. heavy lifting D. the chores
8. After eating dinner, I have to do the ____ and then do my homework every day.
A. washing-up B. wash-up C. washing-ups D. washings-up
9. To Hoa, her father is the greatest person in the world and he always sets a good ____ for her.
A. role B. behaviour C. example D. action
10. We take ____ in doing the washing-up, cleaning the floor and watering the flowers.
A. turn B. out C. around D. turns
11. Linh can't go out with us to see a movie now because she's ____ meal.
A. preparing B. making C. arranging D. keeping
12. I'm responsible for cooking dinner as my mother usually works ____.
A. lately B. early C. later D. late
13. I usually ____ my younger sisters when my parents are away on business.
A. pick up B. take care of C. look for D. take charge of
14. Ms. Mai asked me how she could ____ household chores equally in her family.
A. make B. divide C. give D. contribute
15. In my family, my father always takes charge of doing the ____ lifting.
A. strong B. hard C. heavy D. huge
16. Most people will receive ____ benefits when sharing the housework in their family.
A. enormously B. enormity C. enormous D. strong
17. Like his mother, Viet is a ____ child who can talk openly to anyone.
A. social B. sociable C. generous D. critical
18. After marriage, Mrs. Hoa always keeps good ____ with her mother-in-law.
A. association B. relation C. friendship D. relationship
19. In many countries, divorces ____ to rise because of long-standing conflicts.
A. tend B. have C. aim D. encourage
20. If people breathe in deeply, their ____ can expand to twice their normal size.
A. hearts B. kidneys C. lungs D. stomachs
21. Some foods and spices may ____ your breath for days after a meal.
A. damage B. harm C. reduce D. spoil
22. Fish, poultry, beans or nuts ____ half of their dinner plate.
A. make of B. make out C. make up D. make up of
23. It's another name for the backbone. It is ____.
A. brain B. leg C. pump D. spine
24. Ailments are caused by a/an ____ of yin and yang.
A. abnormal B. imbalance C. unequal D. unfairness
25. Yoga increases endurance, ____ and flexibility.
A. blood B. powerful C. strength D. strong
26. Food and drinks which strongly ____ the body can cause stress.
A. boost B. develop C. encourage D. stimulate
27. As per the study, handful of nuts daily can cut people's ____ of coronary heart disease and cancer by nearly 22 per cent.
A. chance B. luck C. opportunity D. risk
28. Acupuncture modality relies on sophisticated skills to select appropriate acupoints to ____ needles accurately.
A. infuse B. inject C. insert D. install
29. The controller of the body is the ____ system. Led by the brain and nerves, it allows us to move, talk and feel emotions.
A. circulatory B. digestive C. nervous D. respiratory
30. ____ system of the body lets us break down the food we eat and turn it into energy.
A. Circulatory B. Digestive C. Nervous D. Respiratory
31. Skeletal system of the body is made up of our ____. It supports our body and protects our organs.
A. bones B. museles C. nerves D. vessels
32. In under a minute, your ____ can pump blood to bring oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body.
A. brain B. heart C. lungs D. vessels
33. The human ____ system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.
A. circulatory B. digestive C. nervous D. respiratory
34. A healthy ____ between work and play ensures that everyone has a chance to enjoy their lives.
A. balance B. control C. equality D. share
35. He likes to ____ a nap for an hour when he arrives home from work.
A. do B. get C. make D. take
36. I've been a night owl ____ up late for years, hitting the sheets anytime between 12 and 3 a.m.
A. finishing B. getting C. staying D. waking
37. It's not too late to ____ your bad habits (smoking, drinking, overeating, etc.) and immediately start living a happier, healthier life.
A. get rid B. give on C. kick D. remember
38. We're best friends as we have a ____ interest in music.
A. passion B. passionately C. passionless D. passionate
39. My teacher assigned us a writing task about ____ of our favorite singers.
A. biology B. biography C. biodiversity D. biochemist
40. We find out that beat box has ____ very popular recently.
A. came B. turned C. become D. became
41. Lina, the ____ album of the new music band in our city, will be uploaded on the website next week. I'm looking forward to listening to it.
A. debut B. only C. best-selling D. individual
42. The ____ cheered loudly when the singers came out on the stage.
A. audience B. spectator C. public D. watcher
43. Our performance was ____ to be the best one in this competition last night.
A. cheered B. appeared C. judged D. seen
44. The local celebrities joined hands to ____ a fund-raising campaign for charity.
A. solve B. conserve C. come up D. launch
45. He practically ____ a comic style called stand-up comedy in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience.
A. realised B. invented C. distributed D. thought
46. No longer did Pokémon Go become the widespread ____ in Viet Nam.
A. effect B. phenomenon C. invention D. news
47. That the young talented pianist won the Pulitzer Prizes has attracted ____ attention.
A. worldwide B. scientific C. undue D. careful
48. I like the cover ____ of these songs more than the originals.
A. songs B. lyrics C. rhythm D. versions
49. Vietnamese ____ music is extremely diverse, including Quan Ho, Dan Ca, Ca Tru, Chau Van and others.
A. country B. folk C. traditional D. gospel
50. After many weeks, his solo album ____ a profound influence on the youth all over the country.
A. remains B. maintains C. becomes D. persuades
51. They had a global ____ hit with their album concept about “The dark side of the Moon”.
A. top B. song C. smash D. popular
52. I passionately love the show “Familiar Faces” and this is the 4th ____ I've seen.
A. show B. chapter C. season D. episode
53. The “Marching song” was adopted as the national ____ of Viet Nam in 1945.
A. anthem B. song C. flag D. identity
54. Chopin was considered to be one of the greatest Romantic piano ____ of the 19th century.
A. singers B. writers C. composers D. poets
55. This concert marks nine years since the death of Trinh Cong Son, a prominent ____ of modern Vietnamese music.
A. comedian B. actor C. contributor D. figure
56. Our band needs to ____ our nerves to perform in this music competition.
A. control B. conquer C. calm D. lose
57. The best singer ____ went to Alan Walker for “Faded”.
A. rank B. prize C. reward D. award
58. Luckily, I got some ____ advice on how to make a presentation on 'For a better community' from my class teacher.
A. useless B. useful C. usefulness D. uselessness
59. These ____ children encounter many problems and really need our help.
A. disadvantaged B. advantaged C. disadvantage D. advantage
60. Fundraising for charity is a ____ thing for everyone to do to help the community.
A. meant B. meaningful C. meaningless D. meaning
61. They were so ____ about joining the local volunteer group that they couldn't sleep last night.
A. excite B. excitement C. exciting D. excited
62. It is ____ that all the students in class 1OA choose to do a project on 'Helping theneedy'.
A. surprising B. surprised C. surprise D. surprisingly
63. Volunteers become well ____ of the problems facing the world.
A. aware B. concerned C. helpful D. interested
64. English teaching is considered a good example of a volunteer job which often turns ____ a career.
A. off B. up C. on D. into
65. Mahatma Gandhi fought for the rights of coloured people in general and the Indians ____.
A. in time B. in particular C. in contrast D. in fact
66.A/an ____ is a person who needs others to take care of him/her, because of illnessthat he/she had for a long time.
A. patient B. martyr C. invalid D. addict
67.Mr. Chen is more _____ because he has finally agreed to allow his daughter to joinan overseas volunteer organisation in Africa.
A. single-minded B. narrow-minded
C. absent-minded D. open-minded
68.Most of the students in that special school are making good progress, but Michael isa ____ case.
A. hopefully B. hopeless C. hopeful D. hopelessly
69.A lot of generous businessmen have ____ valuable contributions to helping needypeople.
A. done B. taken C. made D. given
70.Poor students cannot ____ an abundance of presents on their birthday.
A. look forward to B. put up with
C. come up w ith D. cut down on
71.Befriending can offer volunteers the opportunity to provide support and friendship toa person who may be going ____ a difficult period.
A. up B. on C . off D. through
72.Volunteer organisations are generally small-staffed, so they need to ____ lots ofvolunteers for a huge event.
A. employ B. recruit C. research D. catch
73.You'd better ____ a commitment to being a volunteer on a regular basis.
A. promise B. do C. make D. pull
74. They visit a retirement home and ____ time doing fun activities with the elderly who lack immediate family.
A. spend B. lose C. waste D. consume
75. Both community ____ and volunteerism are an investment in our community and the people who live in it.
A. life B. language C. performance D. service
76. ____ being the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates is also one of the world's greatestphilanthropists.
A. Aside from B. But for C. Except for D. In addition
77. Their massive salaries let them afford to give ____ huge amounts to charities.
A. off B. up C. away D. hack
78. When you get involved in a volunteer project, you are able to ____ your knowledgeinto practice.
A. take B. put C. bring D. push
79. Volunteers can work with many ____ children who were harmed by Agent Orange in childcare centres.
A. parentless B. disabled C. poor D. homeless
80.Both CARE and Oxfam organisations have programmes to help people inunderdeveloped countries ____ their lives.
A. make B. risk C. improve D. start
81. Many international volunteer organisations are trying to find a ____ to theproblem of world hunger.
A. way B. method C. suggestion D. solution
82. For a cleaner and greener community, everyone should ____ the amount of trashand take care of our environment.
A. increase B. reduce C. contribute D. ignore
83. Thanks to everyone's efforts, we can do ____ to make school a meaningful placefor students living in poverty.
A. a great many B. a little C. a great deal D. a few
84.On the door of the house where Louis Braille was born are the words 'He opened the door of ____ to all those who cannot see.'
A. knowledge B. information C. news D. material
85. University students are willing to get involved in helping the old and ____ people.
A. childlike B. childish C. children D. childless
86. Contact is ____ connecting students with volunteer organisations abroad.
A. in place of B. incharge of C. in case of D. in danger of
87. Football superstar David Beckham has a huge ____ for kids in need.
A. head B. strength C. memory D. heart
88. Smartphone can be a great learning ____ but you need to think of how to use it effectively.
A. benefit B. choice C. invention D. tool
89. It is convenient for you to read ____ when you travel.
A. e-books B. laptops C. online game D. smartphones
90. Many young people carry a pair of earbuds as they are small, light, and ____.
A. chargeable B. economical C. portable D. transferable
91. Washing machine or vacuum cleaner can help you to ____ time while doing housework.
A. kill B. save C. spend D. waste
92. Velcro has gradually become a familiar ____ for shoes, jackets, and even spacesuits.
A. button B. fastener C. locker D. zipper
93.Most smartphones now ____ flash player as well as voice and video calls.
A. display B. offer C. provide D. support
94.Many students prefer ____ assignments on their laptops to writing traditionally.
A. reading B. searching C. sending D. typing
95.Mobile devices such as laptops or digital cameras can be charged by ____.
A. solar charges B. solar-charges C. solar chargers D. solar-chargers
96.We can surf the ____ to search for news, watch films, or download music.
A. e-book B. internet C. laptop D. smartphone
97.In many classrooms, teachers use chalk to write on the ____.
A. blackboards B. black boards C. whiteboards D. white boards
98.You can send and receive e-mails from a ____.
A. charger B. printer C. smartphone D. USB
99.The ____,which can travel underwater, is very useful for scientists to learn aboutthe undersea world.
A. aeroplane B. electronic car C. spaceship D. submarine
100. Like Vietnamese, Thai people also depend ____ water for their crops.
A. against B. for C. in D. on
101.In 1999, the king's Chaipattana Aerator obtained Thai ____ for his rain-making techniques.
A. certificates B. charters C. licenses D. patents
102.Paddle-wheel machine helps to clean the waste water before ____ it for farming.
A. rearranging B. recycling C. reducing D. reusing
103. You can get access ____ the Interne, via a range of devices such as desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.
A. for B. in C. of D. to
104. Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, James Watt are among of the greatest ____ of all time.
A. inventions B. inventiveness C. inventors D. invents
105. _____ noodles are a precooked and usually driedblock invented by Japanese.
A. Instantaneous B. Instance C. Instant D. Instantly
106. It is definitely true that nature has inspired ____ inventions and technologies.
A. numbers B. numeral C. numerical D. numerous
107. Smartphones are used not only for communication but also for information and ____.
A. entertain B. entertainer C. entertaining D. entertainment
108.People often use the natural world as inspiration to design and invent new ____.
A. producers B. produces C. productions D. products
109.Internet and social networks help us easily interact ____ people all over the world.
A. in B. of C. on D. with
110.Users can look ____ locations as well as directions to different places on GoogleMaps.
A. down B. for C. in D. up
111.The two fabrics of Velcro stick together thanks ____ the hooks on the surface and the loops on the other.
A. by B. for C. of D. to
112.If you get a laptop as a reward, what will you use it ____?
A. by B. for C. to D. with
113.Scientists have invented artificially intelligent computer systems ____ of answering questions posed in natural language.
A. able B. aware C. capable D. fond
114. In some Asian countries, the groom and bride ____ their wedding rings in front of the altar.
A. change B. exchange C. give D. take
115. In Scotland, the bride's mother may invite the wedding guests to her house to ____ off all the wedding gifts.
A. show B. turn C. put D. get
116. On the wedding day, the best man is expected to help the ____.
A. bride B. groom C. guest D. bridesmaid
117. In the past, the ____ and engagement ceremonies took place one or two years before the wedding.
A. propose B. proposing C. proposal D. proposed
118. Superstitions ____ an important part inthe lives of many people in Viet Nam.
A. take B. act C. occupy D. play
119.Viet Nam has kept a variety of superstitious ____ about daily activities.
A. believe B. believing C. beliefs D. believable
120.Traditionally, most Vietnamese people never ____ the floor during the first threedays of the New Year.
A. sweep B. paint C. polish D. resurface
121.Viet Nam is a country situated in Asia, where many mysteries and legends ____.
A. origin B. originate C. original D. originally
122.The British usually pay a lot of ____ to good table manners and are expected touse knives, forks and spoons properly.
A. money B. care C. attention D. compliment
123.In the U.S, children can choose their own partners even if their parents object ____ their choice.
A. to B. for C. against D. with
124. In the UK, 18-year-olds tend to receive a silver key as a present to ____ their entry into the adult world.
A. symbol B. symbolic C. symbolize D. symbolist
125. In Australia, on Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, children prepare and ____ their mothers 'breakfast in bed'.
A. cook B. serve C. display D. present
126. People in Mexico ____ Mother's Day on May 10 by giving their mothershandmade gifts, flowers, clothing and household appliances.
A. open B. memorize C. celebrate D. perform
127.In Viet Nam, you shouldn't ____ at somebody's house on the lst day of the NewYear unless you have been invited by the house owner.
A. show up B. get up C. put up D. go up
128.The newly-weds will fly to Venice to spend their ____ tomorrow.
A. vacation B. honeymoon C. holiday D. marriage
129.After the wedding ceremony at the church, they go to the hotel for the wedding ____.
A. cake B. ring C. day D. reception
130. The bride and groom cut the wedding cake and ____ speeches.
A. prepared B. wrote C. heard D. made
131. Some Koreans believe that it's impolite to ____ eye contact with a person who hasa high position.
A. maintain B. lose C. show D. put
132. Brazilians often ____ each other's arms, hands or shoulders during a conversation.
A. lend B. shake C. touch D. move
133. American people are very informal at home, so they often ____ their hands to eatsome kinds of food.
A. use B. lend C.wash D. shake
134.Egyptisatraditional country,andithasmanycustomsthatare different ____ the U.S.
A. of B. from D. for
135.Englishpeoplebelieve that it isunlucky to openanumbrellain the house,which willbring ____ to the person who has opened it.
A. loss B. misfortune C. success D. truth
136.Superstition suggests that you'll get seven years of bad luck if you ____ a mirror.
A. break B. buy C. borrow D. see
137.In the UK, seven is usually regarded ____ the luckiest number while thirteen isthe opposite.
A. as B. like C. with D. for
138.Polite behavior in one country, however, may be ____ in another part of the world.
A. formal B. informal C. impolite D. appropriate
139.In Germany, it is important to arrive ____ time when you are invited to someone'shouse.
A. in B. after C. before D. on
140. Learning about cultural differences in politeness helps you avoid a lot of ____.
A. embarrass B. embarrassment C. embarrassed D. embarrassing
141. On many days of the year, Vietnamese people not only ____ the table for meals, but they also put food on the altar for their ancestors.
A. lay B. lie C. book D. clear
142. The woman you are engaged to is your ____.
A. fiancé B. bridesmaid C. match-maker D. fiancée
143. At the church ceremony, the couple have to make their wedding ____.
A. vows B. invitations C. flowers D. cakes
144. Personal ____ devices are useful for learning.
A. electric B. electrical C. electronic D. electronical
145. They're excellent learning ____. You can store information, take notes, write essays and do calculations.
A. equipments B. tools C. gadgets D. techniques
146. In English class yesterday, we had a discussion ____ different cultures.
A. around B. about C. for D. from
147. Mrs Dawson said that we were ____ our lesson in the library next Monday.
A. having B. making C. reading D. going
148. I really don't ____ the point of taking the exam when you are not ready for it.
A. take B. have C. mind D. see
149. If the examiner can't ____ sense of your writing, you'll get a low mark.
A. take B. bring C. make D. understand
150. I would prefer to go to university and do a ____ in International Studies, rather than start work.
A. certificate B. result C. degree D. qualification
151. My dad wants me to go university, but I'm in ____ minds about it.
A. my B. two C. some D. different
152. You can't get into the Internet unless your computer has a(an) ____.
A. access B. terminal C. web page D. modem
153. Many people only use their computer as a ____. All they do isto write letters and reports on it.
A. word processor B. template C. document D. spreadsheet
154. The World Wide Web is made up of millions of ____ created by anybody frommulti-media corporations to ordinary people like you and me.
A. newsgroups B. chatrooms C. users D. sites
155. When I first started learning English ten years ago, I could hardly____ a word -"hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you” was just about it!
A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell
156. I went to classes two evenings a week and I was surprised at how quickly I ____ progress.
A. had B. made C. did D. produced
157. I ____ a lot of new language from speaking with my host family and with other students from all over the world.
A. picked up B. took up C. made up D. saved up
158. Helen is much more confident with her Englishnow. She can actually ____ a conversation with her teacher in English without difficulty.
A. keep B. do C. improve D. hold
159. If you're not sure what something means, ____ in your dictionary or use your electronic dictionary for help.
A. check up B. look up C. translate D. interpret
160. Most computers have enough ____ to store a vast amount of information.
A. database B. document C. memory D. word processor
161. On the web you can read ____ newspapers or magazines; you can watch videos,download music or buy anything.
A. virtual B. online C. digital D. offline
162. Whenever you hear a new word that you think is important, ____ in your notebook.
A. keep it down B. put it down C. write it down D. spell it down
163. She had to ____ her First Certificate Exam three times.
A. study B. take C. make D. do
164. It is predicted that over the next few decades many species will die ____ as once fertile areas turn to desert.
A. off B. out С. up D. down
165. Most of the air pollution results____ the burning of fossil fuels, motor vehicles,factories, aircraft and rockets.
A. in B. to C. on D. from
166. I'm ____ for my English test tomorrow.
A. focusing B. meditating C. remembering D. revising
167. He'll have to ____ and work harder or he'll fail the exam.
A. pull his socks up B. polish his head
C. empty his washing basket D. stick his neck out
168. Sally always hands in her homework on time and buys the teachersmall presents.The other children hate her. She's such a ____.
A. teacher's toy B. teacher's jewel C. teacher's pet D. teacher's sweet
169. Electronic devices are bad for your eyes, and ____ from electronics could harm your body and cause permanent damage.
A. wave B. radiation C. radiator D. emission
170. Like children elsewhere, children in the US have greatly benefited ____ moderntechnology.
A. of B. from C. in D. with
171. If you ask me, ____ waste is a much bigger problem than ordinary household waste.
A. industrial B. business C. working D. manufacturing
172. Do you know what CFC ____?
A. sets in B. does up C. stands for D. gets down
173. There's been a ____ in Germany and a village was completely destroyed.
A. flood B. drizzle C. shower D. smog
174. Dinosaurs have been ____ for millions of years.
A. endangered B. extinct C. threatened D. disappeared
175. As town grow, they tend to destroy the surrounding ____ areas.
A. urban B. commercial C. land D. rural
176. During the last hundred years we have done great ____ to the environment.
A. injury B. pollution C. damage D. hurt
177. There are lots of things we can all do to ____ the environment.
A. enhance B. protect C. make D. build
178. Environmentalists are furious with the American Government for delaying measures which will reduce greenhouse gas ____.
A. exhaust fumes B. smokes C. wastes D. emissions
179. The government is introducing strict new rules on the dumping of ____ by industry.
A. pesticides B. exhaust fumes. C. toxic waste D. emissions
180. Farmers contribute to environmental damage by spraying ____ with ____, which stay in the soil for years.
A. agriculture – pesticides B. agriculture - fertilizers
C. crops – fertilizers D. crops - pesticides
181. The gradual rise in the Earth's temperature is known as ____.
A. greenhouse effect B. global warming C. ozone layer D. acid rain
182. The ____ that are produced by factories and cars are allowing more ____ from thesun to reach carth.
A. gases – radiation B. gases - light C. gas – light D. gas - radiation
183. As the Earth gets hotter, the Arctic and Antarctic­­­­____ will slowly melt and thelevel of the oceans will rise.
A. snowballs B. avalanches C. ice caps D. icebergs
184. There will be ____, too. Some areas will become wetter while others will becomemuch drier.
A. weather changes B. weather forecasts C. climatic changes D. climate changes
185. Thousands of acres of forest are being cut down every year and the ____ of manyanimals are beingdestroyed.
A. natural resources B. natural habitats C. ways of life D. living surroundings
186. Many of the world's largest cities are ____ and some are permanently covered by a ____.
A. heavily polluted - polluted cloud B. heavy pollution - polluted cloud
C. heavy pollution - cloud of pollution D. heavily polluted - cloud of pollution
187. Make sure your car runs on unleaded petrol and your home uses sources of ____ energy.
A. recycling B. reused C. renewable D. recyclable
188. Scientists have found holes in the ____, particularly over Antarctica.
A. ice caps B. polar ice C. ozone layer D. greenhouse
189. Greenpeace is an international group that protests against anything which is a ____ to the environment.
A. threat B. threaten C. threatening D. threatener
190. If government don't ____ global warming, more natural disasters will occur.
A. achieve B. promote C. discourage D. prevent
191. There's has been a steady rise in the average temperature around the planet over the last hundred years or so, and the majority of scientists put it ____ to human activity.
A. down B. back C. up D. across
192. However, some scientists argue that the historical evidence shows that over time theEarth heats ____ and cools ____ naturally.
A. up - away B. away - down C. up-down D. down - up
193. It is predicted that over the next few decades many species will die ____ as once fertile areas turn to desert.
A. off B. out С. up D. down
194. Most of the air pollution results____ the burning of fossil fuels, motor vehicles,factories, aircraft and rockets.
A. in B. to C. on D. from
195. Environmental pollution is becoming an ____ serious problem that needs to betaken care of as soon as possible.
A. increasingly B. increasing C. increase D. increased
196.We enjoy …………….. time together in the evening when the family members gather in the living room after a day of working hard.
A. spending B. caring C. taking D. doing
197.It is parents' duty and responsibility to ........... hands to take care of their children and give them a happy home.
A. shake B. hold C. join D. take
198.Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.
A. help B. prepared C. be busy D. attempt
199.He is a ……………. boy. He is often kind and helpful to every classmate.
A. frank B. lovely C. obedient D. caring
200.Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.
A. happen B. encounter C. arrive D. clean
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