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Tiếng Anh 6 (Global success) A closer look 2

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Ngày gửi: 09h:45' 17-09-2021
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Date of planning:…………..
Date of teaching: ………..…
Lesson 3 : A CLOSERLOOK - 2

- things in nature
- travel items
Sounds: /t /and /d/
- Countable and uncountale nouns.
- Modal verbs: Must / Mustn’t
- Reading about natural wonders.
- Talking about famous places, and what you must/ mustn’t do there.
- Listening about a natural wonder.
- Writing a paragragh about a natural wonder.
Everyday English
Making and accepting appointments.

1. Knowledge:
- To introduce topic of the lesson My neighbourhood. To teach countable and uncountable nouns. Modal verb must/ musn’t. Using a,n, some, any. many, much.
+ Vocabulary: - Use the words related to the topic natural wonders of Viet Nam.
- To pronounce the sounds /t/ and /d/ correctly;
+ Grammar: - use countable and uncountale nouns.
- use modal verbs must/ musn’t to give order;.
2. Competence: By the end of the lesson students will be able to learn how to use countable and uncountable nouns. Modal verb must/ musn’t. Using a,n, some, any. many, much.
3. Quality/ behavior : Educate the love of the natural wonders in Viet Nam , the love of the hometown and the country. Having a good attitude to protect and conserve the natural wonders.
- Teacher: Text book, laptop, louspeaker, projector…
- Students : Text books, ….
- Method;: T-WC; group works; individual ……
Countable and uncountable nouns
- Countable nouns are for the people or things we can count using numbers. Countable nouns can be singular : a rock, an island …, or plural : rocks, islands…
- Uncoutable nouns are the things that we cannot count with numbers. They usually do not have a plural forms: cream, chocolate…


Aim: To introduce the topic of the lesson
* Content: Having some warm-up activities to creat a friendly and relaxed atmostphere to inspire Ss to warm up to the new lesson.
* Outcome: Having a chance to speak English and focus on the topic of the lesson.
* Organisation :Teacher’s instructions…..

Teacher’s & Student’s activities

+ Greeting
+ Chatting
- Teacher (T) asks Ss some questions about them and class.
- Ask Ss to open their book and introduce what they are going to study….
- Lead in the new lesson.
+ Greeting
+ Chatting
- Students (Ss) listen and learn how to do it.

- Open their book and write .


ACTIVITY 1: Grammar : Countable and uncountable nouns (see above)
Aim: To help Ss recognise the form and use of countable and uncountable nouns in sentences.
* Content: The use of C and U nouns. Write the correct answer C or U.
* Outcome: Using the C and U nouns correctly.
* Organisation : Teacher’s instructions…...

Teacher’s & Student’s activities

1. Is the underlined noun countable or uncountable? Write C (countable) or U (Uncoutable).
*) Pre- teach vocabulary:
- Teacher uses different techniques to teach vocabulary (situation, realia, translation .....) if have
+ Follow the steps to teach vocabulary
* Have Ss read the grammar box. Elicit the rules or / and explain to them the rules. Ask them to give some countable and uncountable nouns they know (i.e. nouns to name the things around them, or the names of the things in nature).
- Have Ss pronounce the words countable and uncountable (to count → countable – uncountable).
- Have Ss read the sentences first and make sure they know all the underlined words.
- Ask Ss work independently.
- Have Ss read the sentences.
- Check their answers as a class.
- Have Ss read the sentences.
- Confirm the correct answers.
1. Is the underlined noun countable or uncountable? Write C (countable) or U (Uncoutable).
- T_ Ss
- Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions and learn how to use C and U nouns
- Ss work individually
- Do the tasks
- Compare the answers.
- Give the answers

* Key : 1. C 2. U 3. U 4. C 5. U

3. PRACTICE (18’)

Aim: To help Ss practise
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