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Tiếng Anh 6 (Global success) Unit 6 Communication

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Người gửi: Lê Thị Thanh Tâm
Ngày gửi: 09h:57' 17-09-2021
Dung lượng: 35.3 KB
Số lượt tải: 64
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Date of planning:…………..
Date of teaching: ………..…
 Peroid 45: UNIT 6 : OUR TET HOLIDAY

- Things and activities at Tet
Sounds: /s/ and /∫/
- Should/ shouldn’t for advice
- Some/ any for amount
- Reading about New Year’s practices
- Talking about what children should/ shouldn’t do at Tet.
- Listening about preparations for Tet.
- Writing an email about what children should/ shouldn’t do at Tet.
Everyday English
Saying New Year’s wishes.

1. Knowledge: - To use everyday English phrases and expressions to develop their language skills, as well as learn about Vietnamese culture and other cultures. Students learn how to say New Year’s wishes to other people.Also know bow different countries celebrate their New Year.
+ Vocabulary: - Use the words related to the topic Tet holiday in Viet Nam.
- To pronounce the sounds /s/ and /∫/ correctly;
+ Grammar: - Use modal verb : should/ shouldn’t for advice
- Use some any for amount
2. Competence: By the end of the lesson students will be able to pratice listening and reading the conversation between Linda and Phong about Tet in Viet Nam. Ss also know what they should do or shouldn’t do at Tet.
3. Quality/ behavior : To educate the love and preservation of traditional customs and traditions Having a good behavior toward the adult and the elderly people on Tet holiday.
- Teacher: Text book, laptop, louspeaker, projector…
- Students : Text books, ….
- Method;: T-WC; group works; individual ……


 Aims: Everyday English
Saying New year’s wishes.
- Ss learn how to say New Year`s wishes to other people. Ask Ss if they know any New Year`s wishes.
* Content: Having some warm-up activities to creat a friendly and relaxed atmostphere to inspire Ss to warm up to the new lesson.
* Outcome: Having a chance to speak English and focus on the topic of the lesson..
* Organisation :Teacher’s instructions…..

Teacher’s & Student’s activities

+ Greeting
+ Chatting
- Teacher (T) asks Ss some questions about them and class.
- Tell Ss that they are going to learn how to ask for and give directions.
- Ask Ss to open their book and introduce what they are going to study….
- T leads in the lesson.
+ Greeting
+ Chatting.
- T_ Ss
- Students (Ss) listen and answer the teacher’s or friend’s questions

- Open their book and write the tittle of the lesson .


Aims: - To introduce a New Year`s wish;
- To help Ss practise New Year`s wishes.
* Content: Giving how to say New Year`s wishes to other people
* Outcome: Ss learn how to use the words and how to say New Year`s wishes to other people.
* Organisation :Teacher’s instructions…..

Teacher’s & Student’s activities

1. Listen and read the New Year’s wish.
*) Pre- teach vocabulary:
- Teacher uses different techniques to teach vocabulary (situation, realia, translation .....)
+ Follow the steps to teach vocabulary
- Repeat in chorus and individually
+ Check Vocabulary
- Copy all the words

1. If possible, prepare some more cards with New Year`s wishes.
Ask Ss to listen and read the New Year`s wish in 1, and some more (possibly provided by T).
Help Ss come up with the pattern: Wishing you/1 wish you + noun /noun phrase.
Audio script: Wishing you joy & laughter... from January to December!
+Ask Ss to work in pairs and practise the conversation.
+ Have Ss practise the conversations in pairs.
Call on some pairs to practise the conversations in front of the class
2. Listen and read the New Year’s wishes to your friends, using the suggestions below or creating your own.
2. Allow Ss to work in groups and say New Year`s wishes.
Call on some Ss to say the wishes aloud.
If there is enough time, ask Ss which wish they would like to receive for this coming year, and if they would like to create a wish for themselves or others.
- Move around to observe and provide help.
- Have Ss practise speaking .
1. Listen and read the New Year’s wish.
- T_ Ss
* Vocabulary
- fun (adj) vui vẻ
- cheer (v) chúc mừng
- success (adj) thành công
- throw (
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