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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Hồng Nhung
Ngày gửi: 14h:00' 17-12-2021
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Part V. Read the passage and then circle the correct answer each question. (1 point)
English is  my mother tongue. Besides, I can speak French and Spanish. I  studied the two languages when I was at high school. Now, I am still learning Spanish at the University. As for me, mastering a foreign language is not easy. After studying a language, practice is very necessary and useful. Travelling to the country where the target language is spoken is very helpful, but if you cannot speak the language well enough you will certainly have troubles. I also frequently go to the movies, watch television, listen to the radio in the language I am  trying to learn. Reading is another good way to learn. Books are good, but I personally think newspapers and magazines are better. However, getting some knowledge of the language is the most important thing. Grammar and vocabulary should be mastered first.
1. How many languages can the writer speak?
A. 1                             B. 2                             C. 3                             D. 4    
2. The writer has learnt Spanish _______.
A. in Spain                 B. at high school       C. at university         D. B and C
3. Travelling may cause troubles if _______.
A. you cannot speak the language well enough.
B. you can speak the language well enough.
C. you can speak the language badly enough.
D. you can communicate in the target language.
4. Some useful ways to practice your target language are _______.
A. listening to the radio and watching TV in the language.      
B. reading books in the language.
C. seeing films in the language.                            
D. all are correct.         
5.The most important thing is____________________.
A. Mastering grammar and vocabulary
B. Practicing speaking
C. getting some knowledge of the language
D.Reading books and newspapers

Read the following passage then choose the correct answer.
Travelling by train in Vietnam is truly an unforgettable local experience. The biggest advantage of this means of transportation is the reasonable price and safety. The fare is half of airplanes’s and only slightly more expensive than bus. Rustic as it is, the slow train goes along or even through mountains, forests, valleys and even ocean, which helps everyone enjoy Vietnam’s authentic natural vista. Moreover, spending a few hours on train is an interesting way to make friends with local and have a closer view about their daily life. Your travelling fellows come from every part of the society: students, workers, small business owners, and of course, tourists and you will have more chances to talk to them than when you travel on air.
In some certain routes, train is essential means to get to the destination. For example, to get from Hanoi to Sapa, the road remains rough and train provides an economic and time saving option to travel between two. For those who want more than just the basic train amenities, there is an abundance of choices from 4 berth wooden paneled cabin to a cheap soft-seat, which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding passengers.
Even for short trips such as the 3 hour one between Hue and Hoi An (which stops in Danang station), travelling by train is still something word considering. The hours sitting on Russian style train will expose you to breathtaking landscape of mountains and oceans on the way, and the slow speed means that you can use your camera to full.
1.What is the main idea of the passage?
A. The hoy of travelling by train in Vietnam.
B. Disadvantages of traveling by train.
C. Advantages of traveling by train.
D. The price of train traveling by train.
2. Traveling by train in Vietnam is_________
A. safe B. unsafe C. dangerous D. fast
3. Passengers on the train can be ________________
A. tourists B. workers
C. businessmen D. A,B and C are correct
4. Which sentence is correct?
A. There is just one kind of seat on the train.
B. Train is the best means to get to Sapa from Hanoi.
C. It takes six hours to go from Da Nang to Hue by train.
D. You can’t take photographs on the train.
5. What does the word “fare” in this passage mean?
A. the train ticket
B. the money a passenger on the train has to pay.
C. the monkey a passenger has in her pocket.
D. the number of tickets on the train

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