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Người gửi: Nguyễn Minh Châu
Ngày gửi: 17h:59' 04-05-2018
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Số lượt tải: 129
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Class : 7
Full name:....................................................
School year : 2016-2017

Part 1. Listen to the passage and tick true (T) or false (F) to the statements. (1 pt)
1.Non-renewable sources are being used up.
2.Many poor people in developing countries have little electricity.
3.Biogas is a new source of energy available for poor people.
4.Biogas creates a lot of smoke.

Part 2. Listen and fill in the blanks with the correct words, number them. Listen twice. (1 pt)
 increase cooking and heating mountainous air pollution

1. People in  mountainous …areas have to gather wood to use as fuel.
2. Biogas is mainly used for… cooking and heating ……… .
3. Biogas helps solve the problem of indoor... air pollution…
4. The use of renewable energy sources in developing countries is on the … increase …

I: Find the words which has a different sound in the part underline(1p)
1. A. wanted B. filled C. stayed D. played
2. A. ahead B. instead C. seat-belt D. bread
3. A. left B. center C. enter D. frighten
4. A. many B.celebration C.grade D. late
II. Choose the best option (A, B, C, or D) to complete each sentence. (2 pts)
1. __________ is a renewable sourse.
A. Coal B. Oil C. Wind D. Gas
2.It is going to rain any minute now. The children ___________ in the rain. being caught B.will be caught caught D.are caught
3. . Wind, hydro and solar are ………………. energy sources.
A. modern B. renewable C. non-renewable D. new
4.___________ you ______ up this book for me, please?
A. Are… going to wrap B.Will … be wrapping C.Will …wrap D.Have…wrapped
III. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (1pt)
1. At 7.00 tomorrow, you (cycle) to school. ->…Will be cycling…..
2. Solar energy (use) by many countries in the world in the future. ->… Will be used…
3. They (have) a test tomorrow; we don’t want to disturb them. ->… Will have….
4. They (learn) English this time tomorrow. ->… Will be learning…
C- READING: (1p)
IV. Read the following passage and decide if it is T or F. (1 pt)
Many people still believe that natural resources will never be used up. Actually, the world’s energy resources are limited. Nobody knows exactly how much fuel is left. However, we also should use them economically and try to find out alternative sources of power. According to Professor Marvin Burnharm of the New England Institude of Technology, we have to start conserving coal, oil and gas before it is too late; and nuclear power is the only alternative.
However, many people disagree to use nuclear power because it’s very dangerous. What would happen if there was a serious nuclear accident? Radioactivity causes cancer and may badly affect the future generations.The most effective thing is that we should use natural resources as economical as possible.
1.Answer True or False
T/ F

1. Natural resources will run out.
2. The world’s energy resources are unlimited.
3. We should use fuel economically.
4. Many people disagree to use nuclear power as an alternative energy.


2. Answer the questions
D- WRITING(3 ps) V. Reorder the words/ phrases to make complete sentences.(1pt)
1.t his time tomorrow/ English/ They/ will be learning.
=>______________________________________________________________________________ save/ will reduce/ our energy/ the use of electricity/ We.
3. biogas/ is/ cooking and heating/ I think/ for/ abundant and cheap.
4. we use/ travelling long distances/ public transportation/ Will/ when /?
VI. Rewrite these sentences so that the meaning stays the same to the first. (1 pt).
1. We will use sources of energy more effectively for our future.
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