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.............................................PRIMARY SCHOOL TEST OF ENGLISH
CLASS:................... TIME: 60'


21. Some people _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ streamers and ballons. (8 letters)
22. The most common _ _ _ _ are cats and dogs. (4 letters)
23. She has to buy live crickets for her _ _ _ _ _ _ to eat. (6 letters)
24. We keep our _ _ _ _ _ in a pitcher or a jug. ( 5 letters)
25. The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is where we store the food that needs to be kept cold. (12 letters)
26. My mom has to come into my room and shake my _ _ _ _. (4 letters)
27. The water ran into the _ _ _ _ _. (5 letters)
28. My brothers and sisters and I have toast or _ _ _ _ _ _ . (6 letters)
29. My brother always wants _ _ _ _ _ _ butter and jam sandwiches. (6 ls)
30. It might be a nice clear day with no _ _ _ _ _ _ in the sky. (6 letters)
I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.
1. A. car B. bar C. star D. grammar
2. A. cold B. volleyball C. telephone D. homework
3. A. study B. club C. put D. lunch
4. A. farm B. after C. talk D. chart
5. A. calculator B. partner C. aunt D. banana
III. Fill in the blank with am, is or are.
1. A: Who_______ that man?  B: He _______ my father.
2. A: Where _______ your friends?  B: They _______ in the garden.
3. A: Where_______ Jolie?  B: She _______ in the living room.
4. A :_______ you a nurse?  B: No. I _______ a doctor.
5. A: What_______ it?  B: It _______ an English book.
IV. Complete the sentences with the present simple form of the verbs in brackets.
1. I (go)........................ to school every day.
2. They (be)........................ hungry an hour ago.
3. Daisy (have).................... a brother.
4. He (not, be).............................. a good boy last year.
5. A long time ago, My friends (not, play)......................... football in the morning.
6. It (be)........................... hot in summer.
7. My father always (wash)........................... his car on Fridays.
8. Mary often (do) ..............................her homework in the evening.
9. ....................(he, study)......................... in the library last week?
10. .................. (you, read)...................... books before going to bed?
V. Reorder the words and phrases to make sentences.
1. I/ come/ usually/ at 5:30 p.m/ home/.
2. sometimes/ We/ on Saturday/ go to school/.
3. Do/ they/ basketball/ play/ frequently/ ?
4. My grandmother/ watches TV/ rarely/ in the evening.
5. do/ often/ What/ in the morning/ you/ do/ ?
6. at school/ every day/ My brother/ is/.
IV. Put a word from the box in each space to complete the passage.
The (1) _______ of my school is Luong The Vinh Secondary school. It is a (2) _______ school. There are about eight hundred(3) _______ and more than (4) _______ teachers in my school. Our teachers (5) _______ very hard so that we can (6) _______ the lessons well. My school's (7) _______ is very big. You can read all kinds of books there. We also have a very large and clean (8) _______. Students play all kinds of games during their (9) _______ time. My school is not big, but I (10) _______ it very much.
V. Read the conversation and answer the questions.
Mrs. Smith: Hey, Mike. How's your first week at the new school?
Mike: It's great, Mom. I have lots of new teachers and classmates.
Mrs. Smith: Are they friendly to you?
Mike: Mike:Yes, Mom. The new teachers are so nice to me, and the new classmates are so friendly, especially Jolie. She is very kind to me.
Mrs. Smith: Oh, good. So everything is going well at school?
Mike: Mike:Right. And... Mom, can I join the badminton club at school?I like playing badminton.
Mrs. Smith: Ok, if you like. But don't forget your study. It's very important.
Mike: Mike:I won't. Thanks, Mom.
1. How is Mike's first week at the new school?
2. Does he have many new classmates?
3. Are the new classmates strange to him?
4. Who is very kind to him?
5. What club does he want to join?
I. Choose the best answer.
01. London is________ than Ho Chi Minh city.
A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the bigger
02. Twins Tower is the ________ building in the world.
A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the taller
03. We shouldn't waste too much water. We should________.
A. save B. to save C. saving D. to saving
04. He doesn't need________ more eggs.
A. a B. an C. some D any
05. ________ language do you speak? I speak Vietnamese.
A. which B. where C. when D. how
06. What's the weather like________ the spring.
A. at B. on C. in D. for
07. An: How often do you watch TV? Ba: _________ a week
A. once B. one C. a D. an
08. What about________ volleyball?
A. to play B. playing C. to playing D. is playing
09. How________ are they going to stay?
A. long B. often C much D many
10. How________ milk do his cows produce.
A. much B. many C. long D. often
11. He grows________ fruit trees.
A. a B. a few C. a little D. little
12. He is________ aerobics now.
A. playing B. doing C. to do D. do
13. Would you like________ soda?
A. some B. any C. a D. an
14. Mai________ a dozen eggs.
A. drink B. need C. needs D. to need
15. Lan: Does he like soccer? Mai: ________________
A. No, he doesn't B. No, he does C. No, he like not D. No, he not like
16. What do you do________ your free time?
A. in B. on C. at D. for
17. ________ oranges are there? There are four.
A. How many B. How much C.How often D. How long
18. You________ stop. That sign says “stop”.
A. can B. mustn't C. must D. musts
19. Ha: What do you do? Hoa: ________________
A. you are a student B. she is a student C. I'm a student D. he's a student
20. The garden is in front________ Mai's house.
A. in B. of C. on D. at
II. Match the question in A with the answer in B.
21.How often does he go to school?
22. Does he fly his kites in his free time?
23. What is the biggest city in the world?
24. Where is Lan from?
25. Where are you going now?
A. We are going to the cinema?
B. Mexico city.
C. She's from France.
D. Everyday.
E. No, he plays badminton
III. Choose one word to fill in the blank.
Mary lives(26)______ a village in London. Her day starts (27)______ 4 o'clock. She gets up, and she walks three kilometers to the river. She takes some water and she carries it back to her house. The water is very(28)______. It isn't clean but there (29)______ any water in the village. She doesn't go to school. She can't read or write. She (30)______ her mother to clean the house.
26. A. on B. in C. at D. for
27. A. in B. at C. on D. of
28. A. heavy B. heavily C. heavi D. not heavy
29. A. isn't B. aren't C. is D. are
30. help B. helps C. helping D. to help
IV. True or False
Mary lives in London
she takes some eggs and carries them back to her house
There are a lot of water in the village
She doesn't go to school because she can' read and write.
Her mother helps her to clean the house
V. Which one is different?
36. A. want B. need C. went D. fish
37. A. thirsty B. hungry C. hot D. vegetables
38. A. sometimes B. always C. often D. eat
39. A. orange B. apple C. banana D. beef
40. A. warm B. hot C. cold D. feel
VI.Fill in the missing words.
slopes, cared, putting, as soon as, cold, overturned, fertilizing, wrapped, remember, town
41. The weather in Sydney is rather___cold________in July.
42.Suddenly the canoe overturned_________ and everyone fell into the cold water.
43. Would you mind putting_________out the cigarette.
44. The flowers wrapped________ in blue paper over there are beautiful.
45. Please two mile to drop by our house when you are in__town________.
46. Mount Rushmore is famous for having the heads of four American Presidents_cared_______into the rock.
47. They went swimming and sunbathing __ as_soon as _____ arrived in NhaTrang.
48. There are so many beautiful mountain__slopes_____ you can visit in Sa Pa.
49. Nam had a day to_remember_______last weekend.
50. Farmers grow food for their animals and use the dung for_fertilizing________ their field.
I. Circle the correct form of the verbs given in brackets.
Where did you go? I (go / went) to the zoo.
What did you see there? I (see / saw) the peacocks.
(Do/ Did) you see any tigers? Yes, I did.
Who (do / did) you go with? I went with my friends.
Did you see any monkeys? Yes, they (are/ were) really noisy.
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