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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
“Sesame Street” has been called “the longest street in the world”. That is because the television program can be seen in so many parts of the world.
That program became one of America’s exports soon after it was shown in New York in 1969.
In the United States more than six million children watch the program regularly. Although some people do not agree to some parts of the program, parents praise it highly.
Tests have shown that children have learned much from watching “Sesame Street”. The children who watch it five times a week learn more than those who watch it less. In the United States the program is shown at different hours during the week in order to increase the number of children who can watch it regularly.
The program uses songs, stories, jokes and pictures to give children a basic understanding of numbers, letters and human relationships.
Why has “Sesame Street” been so much more successful than other children’s shows? Many reasons have been suggested, such as the educational theories of its producers, the support from both the government and businessmen, and the full use of various kinds television skills. Perhaps another important reason is that mothers watch “Sesame Street” together with their children. This is partly because famous film stars often appear on “Sesame Street”. But the best reason for the success of the program may be that it makes every child watching it feel able to learn. The child finds himself learning, and he wants to learn more.
1. The “Sesame Street” has been called “the longest street in the world” becaue it is_________.
    A. the longest street in the United States. B. shown in many countries
    C. the longest television program in the world. D. watched regularly by six million children
2. The underlined word “praise” in the passage probably means________.
    A. use to teach children B. watch and study
    C. produce and sell D. approve and admire
3. In the United States many children can watch the program regularly because_________.
    A. they needn’t go to school B. it is shown many hours a day
    C. it is shown in the evening D. it is shown many times during the week
4. Which of the following are used in the program “Sesame Street”?
    A. songs, stories, jokes and numbers B. pictures, letters and relationships
    C. songs, stories, jokes and pictures D. numbers and human relationships
5. One of the important reasons for the success of the program is that________.
    A. not only children but also their mothers like to watch it
B. many famous film stars enjoy watching it
    C. it teaches educational theories
    D. it is produced by the government
Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
6. Mrs. Brown forgot her raincoat......she got wet.
    A. so  B. however C. because D. if
7. The bus__________before I reached the bus-stop.
    A. left B. had left C. was leaving D. will leave
8. The hotter the weather is, __________.
    A. more tired we feel B. we will feel more tired
    C. more and more we feel tired D. the more tired we feel
9. The teacher needs to__________the class into two to play the game.
    A. decrease B. shorten C. reduce D. divide
10. I’ve tried those tablets and they are not__________in helping me stop coughing.
    A. effective B. successful C. profitable D. helpful
11. Which is__________, an elephant or a blue whale?
    A. bigger B. the bigger C. biggest D. the biggest
12. He couldn’t reach the goal, __________surprised me.
    A. who B. whom C. which D. that
13. The school__________all the student to take an interest in arts.
    A. noticed B. encouraged C. supposed D. managed
14. I like sitting on the beach watching the__________in the evenings.
    A. sunshine B. sunrise C. sunlight D. sunset
15. There is__________food left but not enough for everyone.
    A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
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