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Tiếng Anh 6 (Global success) Unit 2 Skills 1

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Người gửi: Lê Thị Thanh Tâm
Ngày gửi: 15h:56' 16-09-2021
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Date of planning:…………..
Date of teaching: ………..…
 Peroid 13: UNIT 2: MY HOUSE
Lesson 6: SKILLS_1/ Reading and Speaking

- Type of house
- Rooms and furniture
Final sounds: /s / and / z /
- Possessive case
- Prepositions of place
- Reading about rooms and furniture
- Describing houses, rooms, and furniture
- Listening about someone’s house
- Writing an email to a friend .
Describing a house
Everyday English
Giving suggestions

1. Knowledge:
- To teach reading for general and specific information about houses. Students get acquainted with a reading skills. To learn how to predict for reading . Also to practice speaking. To practice describing the rooms.
+ Vocabulary: use the words related to the topic My house.To pronounce the final sounds /s / and /z/ correctly;
+ Grammar:- use possesive case to describe possesion;
- use prepositions of place to describe where people or things are;
- give suggestions;
2. Competence: By the end of the lesson students will be able to pratice reading and listening the conversation between Mi and Nick about types of rooms and houses. using possesive case to describe possesion; using prepositions of place to describe where people or things are;Describing the rooms they have designed.
3. Quality/ behavior : The love of learning English. The love of their own room and house. Having the good attitude to working in groups, individual work, pairwork, cooperative learning and working.
- Teacher: Text book, laptop, louspeaker, projector…
- Students : Text books, studying equipments….
- Method;: T-WC; group works; individual ……

Aims: Pre - reading
- To develop student’s reading skills for specific information (scanning), It also provides input for the speaking skills. To provide further practice to support students in their spoken English.
* Content: Having some warm-up activities to creat a friendly and relaxed atmostphere to inspire Ss to warm up to the subject and new class
* Outcome: Having a chance to speak English and focus on the new lesson..
* Organisation : Teacher’s instructions…...

Teacher’s & Student’s activities

+ Greeting
+ Chatting
- Teacher (T) asks Ss some questions about them and class.
- Ask Ss to open their book and introduce what they are going to study….
- T leads in the lesson.

+ Greeting
+ Chatting
- Students (Ss) listen and answer the teacher’s or friend’s questions
- Open their book and write the tittle of the lesson .


ACTIVITY 1: While- reading
Aim: To get Ss acqainted with a reading skills.
To help Ss understand and activate their knowledge of the topic of the lesson.
* Content: Reading to get some information about house hotel . Students get acquainted with a reading skills. To learn how to predict for reading .
* Outcome: Developing reading skills by predicting.
* Organisation : Teacher’s instructions…

Teacher’s & Student’s activities

1. Look at the text. Answer the questions.
*) Pre- teach vocabulary:
- Teacher uses different techniques to teach vocabulary (situation, realia, translation .....)
+ Follow the steps to teach vocabulary
- Repeat in chorus and individually
+ Check vocabulary
- Copy all the words
+ Ask ss to read the reading skill box.
- Explain any words that Ss do not know.
- Tell Ss that predicting is an important reading skill that can help them gain a general understanding of the text.
- Now quickly look at the text, the pictures answer the questions.
- Ask for Ss’ answers.
- Confirm the correct answer to Question 1 and
- Ask Ss to do the task 1 on page 12.
- Teacher gives instructions.
- Tell ss to read the three passages quickly and check their ideas.
- Set a strick time limit to read .
- T may call Ss to read aloud each paragraph
- Observe and help when and where necessary.
- Check the answer.

1. Look at the text. Answer the questions.
- T_Ss
* Vocabulary:
- crazy (n) lười biếng
- shelf (n) giá sách
- cupboard (n) tủ đựng chén, bát
- strange shape (c/n) hình kì lạ.
Reading skill : Predicting
- Predicting makes reading easy.
- Before reading look at the pictures, designed and title.
- Describe what the text about
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